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Entrepreneur Success Story - Veena from Kala Creations

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Last time we met Saranya from Treasure Troves in our website. This time we are happy to feature a duo. We have seen friends come together and starting a venture - Chandhini Creations.We have also seen sisters coming together to make their business dream a success - ArtZone. This time we have a daugther-in-law and mother-in-law who have started Kala Creations together. It is glad to see how they work together and make their entrepreneurship journey a successful one. Read on to read their story.

Tell us about you:

Myself Veena Harishankar and my mother in law Kala Krishnamurthy started this venture together in 2015.

Myself, an ex software engineer at L&T infotech, quit my job after marriage because I was passionate about marketing and business clubbed along with my mother in law, a home maker, who is an awesome creativity master in many things like Tanjore paintings, coffee paintings, embroidery, rangoli works etc.

We both are together here in Bangalore. We are a huge family. Myself, mother in law, my husband Harishankar, father in law Krishna Murthy and brother in law Hariprasad.

I am an engineering graduate from chennai and my mother in law is a graduate too. Both of us hail from our native Tirunelveli. My parents are located at Chennai. And her parents are here in the same apartment as ours.

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Tell us about your business:

Kala creations was started in June 2015. This idea striked me when my mother in law was away for a week. I was exploring my new home and when I saw her work and creativity, I decided to start this. I wanted to bring her beautiful talent to the outside world and its going great now.

I started with a Facebook page called Kala creations. We don't have any websites etc. We market only through our page and only on Facebook.

We are celebrating 3 years of success now. We do floating lamps, tea holders, tea coasters, kundan rangolis, acrylic rangolis , marapaachi dolls and kasi yatra sets.

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Earning potential?

 Since this is done by myself and mother in law at home, after our household chores, we don't have any extra labourars for this.

So while it comes to earning, the profit is only for us. We spend from our pockets and earn well in this. But the earnings are always good only during the second half of the year since we have festivals only during that time.

If we dedicate our full good time on this, we can earn around 1-2 lakhs in 6 months period.  This can be achieved only after one or two years. Because it takes time to get good customer base.

Turning Points in your Business:

  • Got featured in narisakhi's YouTube channel.
  • Got interviewed by the new Indian express for their diwali edition.

Difficult times you have passed?

Yes definitely.

Packaging damages was a great difficulty. And We found out the reason behind to make it alright. And it took more than 2 months for that.

How are you maintaining work life balance?

Now having a kid, work life balance has become more difficult. Mother in law works and I take care of household and baby. Or when I work , she does vice versa. Its a great mind game. But we are somehow managing it.

Your Speciality?

Our best work includes the Krishna feet for Janmashtami, lotus set, Durga for Pooja and Navarathri. And of course all other Rangolis are special.

Future Plans?

Definitely to make it as bigger as possible and to reach more customers and well wishers.

You can also get featured in Know the star. All you have to do is drop a mail to with 2 lines about your business.

Contacts for orders or queries:

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