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Scribie Review - Work from Home Audio Transcription Job

Scribie Review - Work from Home Audio Transcription Job - Earn upto $20 per audio hour:

Scribie Review - Scribie is one of the legitimate website which offers work from home opportunity for many people. Audio transcription is the process of converting audio files to text. All you have to do is just listen to audio and type it in a text file. The payment rate varies from each company to company. Companies who pay high obviously expects high quality from transcribers. We are going to review about the Scribie transcription opportunity here. We have started with the Scribie review first in the category of legitimate work from home options for everyone as we thought it is a good website to start with since it is not particular about medical transcriptions. Many websites provide mostly medical transcription files which are not very easy to work with. Read on for Scribie review.

Scribie Review - Scribie Transcription

Scribie - An intro:

Scribie provides you work from home option and pay you for transcription work. was founded by Rajiv Poddar, an Electronics and Telecommunication graduate from NIT Silchar, India. He has worked for few years in reputed IT companies. In 2008, he started his own venture Scribie.

If you have put an effort to search for good transcription jobs, then you might have across so many websites but most of them offer only medical transcription jobs. Medical transcription is not something easy for everyone at least in my perspective. Scribie provides general transcription options so any one of you can try your hands on.

The audio language is in English. So you do not need to worry about the language problems. But the accents will be any of the following or a mixed one - British, North American, European, African and Indian.

The length of the files are also not quite long to bore you. For transcription and review, it is less than or equal to 6 minutes. Yes, the length of the file will be longer for proofreading.

Scribie - How to join?

  1. Visit scribie.com
  2. Scroll down  and you will find a link called 'Transcriber'.
  3. Click on the link. 
  4. You will be reirected to a page where you have to submit your application and take online test.

Scribie Pay Rate - Review:

They pay rate is based on the length of the audio file you get for transcription. No matter how much time you take to subscribe it, you will be paid based on the length of the file you have transcribed. Current payment rate for Scribie is $5 to $20 per audio hour which comes to $0.5 to $2 for a 6 minute file which seems a good payment rate. Check their website to know the up-to-date payment rate. The pay rate is comparatively good if not the best. However the pay rate will vary based on your location, skill set, proficiency, the quality of the delivery and many more.

Scribie also has some monthly bonus option which will pay you $5 for every 3 hours of work you completed per month which will come around 1 file per day. There is no limit on the number of files you work on a day.

Scribie Payment Review:

Scribie credits your payment in your account and you can withdraw it to your paypal account anytime. Once your file is reviewed and moved to next step, you will be paid in your account. The review process typically takes one week of time. However each file will be having a review date by which your work will get reviewed.

Scribie - Open for transcribers from most of the countries:

Scribie is not like few websites which allows transcribers only from certain regions. If your country is supported by Paypal, you can choose to work for Scribie. Paypal allows you to send and receive money online.

Scribie pays via Paypal and hence they expect you to be from the country which is supported by Paypal so that you can withdraw the money you were paid.

Scribie sends money only via Paypal. They cannot pay you directly to your bank account or any other form other than Paypal. You can get the money credited to your account via Paypal.

Scribie Audio Practice files:

Scribie has published few audio samples in the below page. You will see the accent and the difficulty level. Just click on the blue button to play the audio.


They give you the option to compare the versions you prepare with their version and you will be able to judge the quality you can produce.

They have mentioned that they are just practice files and the actual audio transcription files will be relatively harder.

Scribie Referral Program:

You can refer anyone to try Scribie. But you will get referral commission only if you are a certified Scribie transcriber.

Scribie  - No joining fee:

Scribie does not charge you anything in the name of application fee or joining fee. So you are free to join and try Scribie and check whether it works for you. Many websites charge you to join but Scribie does not ask you any fees and it is a good thing about Scribie that you have to adhere with.

Scribie Guidlines:

Just like any other websites that offer transcription work from home jobs, Scribie also has some strict guidelines. Transcription work is not something easy and you have to pay more attention to get it done in the expected quality to get paid.

The transcript you send should not contain any text which is not part of the audio like headers, footers, comments etc. You should not take a call in omitting the texts unless you are instructed to omit. They even have some guidelines on how you have to handle the laughter in the audio and all.

Please go through the guidelines carefully before you start transcription.

The minimum accuracy they expect is about 2 of 10 words which comes to 80%. So you have to pay right attention to get yourself to get 80% right.

Scribie Address:

44 Tehama St.,
San Francisco, CA 94105,
United States.
Tel: +1 866 941 4131

Please subscribe to our website. We will update this website with many more legitiate work from home jobs. We also have a lot of inspiring interviews with work from home mompreneurs. We would suggest you to go through them as well.

Share your feedbacks, experiences and reviews about Scribie with us in case you have tried to work with them. It would be helpful for every other reader of this article.

Disclaimer: Though we do our best in publishing only the legitimate jobs, we encourage the readers to do their research on their own before starting.

Hope you liked the Scribie review and find the post useful for you to get an overview of Scribie and what it does. Go ahead and do your own research and join with Scribie. No one can stop you from earning from home once you get boarded with Scribie. Have a great time with Scribie.

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