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Entrepreneur Interviews - Meet Saranya from Treasure Troves

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Here we have Saranya from Coimbatore with us to share about her journey as an entrepreneur. She is the owner of Treasure Troves Facebook page through which she runs her business. She is not only an engineer but also a MBA professional. While she is working in an IT firm, she is now a proud entrepreneur also who makes money from home as well. Read more to know about her and her business.

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Tell us a little about you :

I am Saranya from Coimbatore. I have completed my Computer Science Engineering and Master of Business Administration and started my career in an IT firm at Chennai. I am married and blessed with a baby girl who is now 2.5 years old. The responsibilities of being mom and the zeal to pursue my career made us to get back to our native.

Tell us about your business:

Starting a small scale business had been my long term passion and I had been planning for the right one. I have always admired many women entrepreneurs and  mompreneurs and wondered how they were able to make it to there. The thought of gifting someone 'our thoughts' than physical gifts had always been my choice.

The very idea of starting something related to handcrafted gifts came when I made an Explosion box for the first time for my beloved husband's birthday and a baby scrapbook when my little princess turned one, portraying the beautiful journey of her first year. Ever since I made them, I was fascinated to do more like that and that's how Treasure Troves evolved :)

I got requests from two of my friends to gift something for their fiance and that was the starting point for this journey during October 2017.

 The intricate crafting skills of my husband has been a boon for our start up and every product that we craft gets to its perfection with his magical touch. The journey has been interesting always. It gives a real sense of happiness when you see your clients appreciate all the efforts you have put for getting their products crafted. I never knew that I will be interacting with thousands of interesting people responding to their curious queries !!

We started with the explosion boxes and memory jars. 

Our crafting list expanded with every new client's innovative requirements. Now our craft studio is enriched with explosion boxes,  photo brag books,  photo strip boxes,memory jars, adieu jars, guest wish jars, customized sashes,  custom made photo booth props, birthday mementos, baby scrapbooks, baby photo buntings, happy birthday buntings, birthday crowns, customized birthday caps, cake toppers, chalk board posters, hand made flowers, personalized photo calendars, themed invitations,  themed favor bags, thank you tags,  giant backdrop flowers and much more.

You can have a look at these collections on our page :

Earning potential in your business?

The earnings made out of this business is directly proportional to the time spent on this. I get limited time for my business amidst my work, house chores and managing my busy baby. And also during the occasions of Valentine's day, wedding seasons, we might get a few extra orders. Though general orders being birthdays, anniversaries, kids parties, pre-wedding gifts, farewell gifts, party essentials.

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Tell us about your turning points/milestones in your business:

Initially we started with the concepts of handmade gifts alone. Once we got an order for crafting party essentials for a little munchkin from Noida. We made customized birthday caps, kids guest badges, themed invitations, birthday sashes, photo props and buntings. Those deliverables made a good promotional impact which helped us fetch many exciting clients and that was definitely a turning point for us.

Another milestone was the launch of return gifts. We initially started with return gifts for kids birthday parties and on getting good responses we expanded the return gifts concepts for all ocassions.

Tell us about the difficult times you faced and how you recovered:

Treasure Troves being my first experience into business, there were many hurdles here and there in terms of stringent timelines, packing difficulties, last minute changes from the customers, fetching orders, etc., But every hurdle was a learning point which made us devise newer and better plans.

Top 5 mantras you want to share with everyone:

1. Responding to customers queries is primary because we never know which query will lead into great orders.

2. Be innovative in devising your marketing strategy. Every new idea will make your business reach to customers of various mindsets.

3. Let quality be the first priority whatever may be the size of the orders.

4. Pen down all your order details/ transactions for it will definitely turn down to be a powerful asset. Also it will lead you to a positive and energetic journey when u visit those pages after few months :)

5. Unlike other business, handmade items are purely based on the crafters creativity, earnest efforts that are put in and the  zeal to craft them. So never compromise on the right pricing.

How are you balancing work and personal life?

This is a real challenge and I am tuning myself better on this aspect day by day. Doing business amidst working and managing home & kid is no joke. But when we channelize all the tasks and prioritise the right ones we can manage all. I should tell that my family plays a vital role in this part on managing my kid when I am at work nd for being flexible everytime when there was a need.

Top Customer Reviews about Treasure Troves:

Vasanthi, Singapore:

This is a very late post.. But what Saranya has given me is really awesome. I have ordered some paper bags for my sons birthday return gifts. She did a wonderful job with so much of love and care.. Thank you so much Saranya. Long way to go..

Rungta Megha, Noida:

Love their work. Ordered cards, tags, badges, memory jar, sashes for my little princess.. Everybody liked their products.

Deepika, Coimbatore :

I loved all ur works giant flowers, photo bunting, crown especially name bunting nd birthday baby crown was awesome thank you !!

Future Plans:

We have started with a handful  of items in our mind and now the list has expanded to a quite next level.

Firstly, we are looking forward to get stabilized in the services we are currently doing.

Our future plans would be to explore more on the trending ideas  and to reach out to the maximum level we could to touch the hearts of our valuable clients with the magic of our hands.

Business Contact details:

We are reachable on  : 9841620156/ 9080208769 via calls.
You can buzz us on WhatsApp - 9841620156.
Our FB page -
Our Insta page -

You can also get featured in Know the star. All you have to do is drop a mail to with 2 lines about your business.

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