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Customized unique gifts are something that all of us would love to gift our near and dear ones. Today, we have Mrs. Irin Edwin, the proud owner of Arty Textures, an online boutique that deals with intricately designed handmade gifts. She has been featured in a TV Channel to talk about the small scale business. Read further to know her journey to entrepreneurship and success.


Glory to God!

First of all, I would like to thank the Know The Star team for taking such an enormous effort in finding women talents and bringing them to the limelight your service to the society is one of a kind and very much appreciable. I am honored to be interviewed by the KTS team and for recognizing me as one among the various talents they have found so far.

I am Mrs. Irin Edwin B.C.A, M.B.A, born and brought up in Chennai. I did my schooling in Fatima Convent, UG in Stella Maris and PG in Ethiraj. I worked for a year as a Catalog Analyst at Amazon, later got married and now is a mother of a 2.3-year-old princess named Keziah Winslet. We are also awaiting another bundle of Joy in a couple of days. (Congrats for that :) - KTS Team).

My husband, Mr.Edwin Jaiprabhu is working at Groupon and he is undoubtedly my unabridged support system.

From my childhood, I was always engrossed on seeing people who are creative at hands and every time someone’s birthday/anniversary approaches I start planning, as to what kind of creative handmade gift I can bestow them. So, all my friends very well knew that I am a craft fanatic. I am fond of receiving compliments and that provoked me to be a staunch craft person and my love for handmade kept on mounting year after year!

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I run an online handmade boutique named ArtyTextures which is about a year old. I deliberately wanted my logo to be G2G (meaning Glory to God) as I completely believe anything and everything is through Him. Our motto “Do everything in Love” which definitely is a key factor for handmade, is a verse taken from the Bible.

I never had a plan of starting up a business until a friend of mine named Roscilin insisted me to make a creative gift for our common friend’s engagement. I made an infinite photo cubix which is like rubix cube with photos. Many of her friends started liking it and requested if I could make the same for them too. At that moment I asked myself - why not start a business with handmade on my own? And here it is - my very own boutique with customized handmade products.

My works include making personalized photo gifts, name embossed photo frames, personalized photo car hangings, photo calendars, mobile/pen holders, crochet products (baby items, dresses, mobile pouches, bags, accessories etc.,). People started approaching me as my products were unique and was made with utmost perfection. Within a year I had an incredible amount of comeback for my handmade. You know your successful when you get recurring orders from the same customers!

Kindly visit my page to have a sneak peek into the wide range of nifty handmade.

TELL us about the earning potential in your business;

Earning completely depends upon the number of hours devoted. I initially started my business with Rs.150. By spending at least 3 hrs a day you can approximately earn 5k to 10k per month. I am habitually flooded with orders during Valentines season and when the proper time is invested I can earn more than 20k during that season. Initially, I hardly earned much, but later when I got expertise, money per hour got multiplied. When more people are involved/employed the returns can be doubled.


One of the biggest turning point and the milestone in my career was getting the Guinness World Record for participating in making the Longest Crochet Scarf along with a team called MICQ which was 14.089kms on 21st May 2017.

Another significant milestone was when Cauvery News Channel approached to have an interview with me, as I was selected as one of the best 100 small-scale creative home-based business in Chennai. The show was telecasted on their TV channel with the program named “SiruThozhil 2.0”

 You can view the interview on YouTube by following this link:

 Both these incidents brought me unique recognition and fame among the many craft people in and around Chennai. It is an everlasting memorable moment in my life/career. I am truly indebted to God without whom this would have never happened.


For every budding entrepreneur, it is very natural to face difficulties during their initial stages of a business setup. Decision making on any ideas/suggestions, pricing, marketing doubts, prioritizing orders etc., would be really challenging. But I was lucky or rather say blessed to have my Dad, who was a hardcore businessman filled with enormous managerial skills. During crisis management, I immediately look up to him and he is always ready to help me out. Whenever I had problems I always think how he would have tackled it and would try to replicate the same to reap success.

I experienced grueling situations during the festival season where I would hardly sleep for 2-3 hours a day to meet the deadline. My husband and sister slowly started getting involved. And I cannot miss mentioning my mother as she completely takes care of my daughter which gives me peace. When you have a family to support definitely it is very easy to handle any such situation that comes your way.


1. Learn to do everything with a lot of love and passion, it is sure to bring out the best results.
2. Do a bit more than what the customers expect from you. It makes them faithful for a lifetime.
3. Always be patient. Be it with the customers or reaping the output for your efforts!
4. Handmade take a lot of time and need a lot of effort so never compromise on pricing.

Above all, keep God first, be loyal and truthful in all that you do. It will take you to greater heights.


Being a homemaker, it is indeed a challenging task to balance my household chores with my passion. Firstly, I make sure I give immeasurable time for my daughter. My husband supports me with household chores. He also involves himself in designing, printing and delivering products. And when I am overloaded with orders, my mom and sister jump into my rescue by taking care of my daughter and helping me with my passion. They are my biggest blessing and without them, ArtyTextures wouldn’t have survived so long.

Few Reviews from My Page:

Steffi Regin reviewed ArtyTextures – 5 star
27 February 2017 · Work of G2G really beautiful and fully creative. I loved it and l know my husband too. Guys appreciate !! The products they sell are gorgeous and reasonably priced. Thank You, G2G.
பாரதி அழகிரி reviewed ArtyTextures – 5 star
21 February 2017 · I got photo cubix, it was really nice. I really want to thank @irin for giving the product before the promised time. 
This personalized product is very new and nice with a very reasonable price.

Greeta Ajay reviewed ArtyTextures – 5 star
11 November 2017 · Beautiful work .. I just loved all your gifts to the core. Each gift is very different and unique. Loved your innovative idea.
Amudha Ashok reviewed ArtyTextures – 5 star
12 June 2017 · Awesome product with full of happiness and handcrafted work

Divya Kannan reviewed ArtyTextures – 5 star
6 February · Love her work! Very good quality products.


 My future plans are to empower underprivileged women, by giving them self-confidence and power to earn money through small level home based business. My vision is to conduct free workshops for women who are struggling in upbringing their family to a basic standard life by overturning their financial status. My main motive is to give them a self-sufficient life and make them shine.


You can contact me through Facebook, Instagram or drop a mail to my official ID.

Gmail ID:

Facebook Page:  (or just search for G2G ArtyTextures)

Instagram:  (or just search for G2G ArtyTextures)

Not just for placing orders, feel free to contact for giving me ideas/suggestions or for any kind of craft related queries/clarifications. I am happy to help!!  

All Glory and Honor to God..!!

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