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Meet Srijothi Vijendran, owner of ViJosBooksBarn

We have Srijothi Vijendran with us sharing her interesting journey this time. She took a break from corporate job after which she got her hands into multiple things. She is a proud mom who works from home. Read on to know more about her journey.

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About You:

Hey all, I am Srijothi Vijendran from Chennai. I have done my Bachelor’s and Master’s in Computer Science and was working with a leading Software firm for 5 years. When my lil one was born I took a break from corporate work and gave him as much of my time as possible. My father and my husband are my greatest inspirations. To be more precise, they both never sit idle, neither their minds. They keep themselves occupied with one thing or the other and are super perfectionist in whatever they do. I am what I am, because of these great men in my life!

As I was at home full time, I started trying my hands on a variety of dishes, baking and photography. That is when my husband insisted me to start my own cookery blog and ViJosKitchenCorner (  took its initial shape and  was surprisely released on our anniversary.

Business over the past:

When Silk Thread Jewelleries were on its rise I learnt that from my sister-in-law and from YouTube. And I made sure I gave elegant designs. 

My friends and neighbours liked them and started encouraging me. That’s how ViJosDesignerBangles ( was born. 

I had a good amount of clients, few international clients too. When there were bulk orders I had to extend a lot and work late nights which became tough for me, as I had to focus on my little one’s studies as well.

About your current business:

I didn’t want to stay idle. My champ had a great interest on stories and reading books. We used to get him imported pre-loved books for two reasons. One being its pretty much cheaper, you can buy 3 pre-loved books in place of 1 new book; the other you can get a variety of fascinating and colourful books, which were rare at that time with the Indian publications. Along with him my passion towards kids stories also started growing and that’s how ViJosBooksBarn ( was born. 

We have an assortment of books; board books, flip-flap books, touch and feel books, sound books, picture books, 3D pop up books, chapter books and much more. Along with these I run a YouTube Channel, where in I narrate stories for kids - ( 

As I am not doing this for filling up my pocket, I mainly focus on giving quality content, which can benefit a wider audience.

I am also a digital designer. I design promotional posts for marketing products or events, Invitations for occasions, logos, business cards etc. I have this page which has the designs I have created so far.

About your turning points and milestones:

My important turning point was when few of my friends, when they saw my YouTube videos, started asking  for story sessions for their kids. I have plans of conducting regular story sessions from April.
Each and every review that I receive, may it be in a writing or by word on mouth is a milestone for me.

Difficulties you faced and how did you recover:

As I started this a passion, I did not find anything as a difficulty. The only challenge I face is when my son doesn’t want to give his favourite book (there are many such books), when a customer orders for it. Then I will compensate or bribe him with a new book 😊

Top 5 lessons you have learned from this business which you want to share with everyone:

1.       Be distinctive and be passionate on whatever you do
2.       Never compromise on quality, be it be the condition of the book, the packing or delivering it on time.
3.       Understand the expectation or need of the customers, give them suggestions and help with choosing the books.
4.       Listen to feedback, validate and rectify if needed.
5.       A business can have its own ups and downs, learn to master your emotions and believe in your efforts.
How are you balancing work and personal life
I never compromise on my personal life. Planning well ahead helps a lot. My husband is a great pillar of support, he guides with new ideas and also with the despatch. When I am held up with a client assisting them choose their books, my little one can very well understand and never disturbs me.

Can you share some of the reviews you received?

Future Plans:

I am looking forward to start with the story sessions. My primary goal is to inhibit the pleasure of reading in kids and I am working towards it.

How to contact u if anyone is interested in  working with you or buying from you?

I have shared all my facebook page links above. They can contact me over there or alternately can also email me at

Want to get featured in this website? It is free. Just send out an email to with a 2 line description about you and your business! No matter whether your business is small-scale or large-scale. We value it.

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