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Meet Usha R. Poornima, the emerging reseller

Hello all, today we have Usha R. Poornima who is the owner of Sai's Emporia and Smiles - the kids store. She is basically a reseller. For those who are new to reselling business, here you go. Reselling is buying from one person and selling it to another person with the desired profit added. In reselling business, mostly the entreprenuer does not own any product in her hand. They will just try to sell products of others. They pay the money and arrange for sending it to customer only after she/he gets the order confirmed. Reselling is the best business when you do not want to do initial investment. Okay, now let us see what Usha has to tell about her business.

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Tell us a little about you:

Hi, I would first like to thank "Know the Star" for such a great initiative..kudos to ur team. I was a bit hesitant to give this interview but  I know I am no more a zero and have reached at least the next step. I am sure this can be an inspiration or motivation to few people at least.

To start with i am just a beginner and many women like me are doing this same business in a really great way.

So about me:

Name: Usha.R.Poornima
Education: BE Biomedical instrumentation Engineering
Past Work : Larsen & Toubro Medical Equipment division /ECC- Hospital projects


Dad : Babu R Ramakrishnan ,Lawyer.(blessing me from heaven nw)

Mom: Shanthi, Home maker  and the reason behind my positive attitude

Life partner and friend : Prasanth, a Businessman


My super smart boys AKSHIT AND DAKSHIV

Tell us about your business:

Life is all about changes. A major change happened in life wen i was forced to quit my job. Since then I have tried many options to work from home..

Finally got a spark of starting this reselling business 2 years ago in 2016 after I saw few of my known people into this business.

I just started learning what it is. I had many good and bad experiences, came across trust worthy as well fraud people. I started selling among my friends. As I knew I was not the only one in this business, I always assured that i give the best product and mainly the BEST service...

I have been always trying to be unique in my own way.

People started referring friends and my customer circle increased from 10s to 100s..

They started trusting me more and hence more responsible I became.

I started my business through whatsapp alone and after one year I started my facebook pages one exclusively for kids and other for women which includes dresses,jewels, home needs etc.

How much one can earn in your business? 

When it comes to working hours I work as and when I get time from the time I open my eyes to close my eyes at night😊😊 as I find it really interesting.

What makes me more happy is earning good customers, friends and a THANKS message on their happy shopping.

Earnings vary every  month. Per day can we can earn anywhere from 0 to 1000 and it all depends the orders u get. I keep less margins and try to get more orders.

The days I earn are credited as money in my account and the days i dont earn are days of learnings.

I spend those days thinking about growing my business.

Tell us about your turning points and milestones in your business:

Nowadays everything is business and people do it to get money. There are several software to give 1000+ page likesπŸ˜‚ and it felt funny at first. I am happy and proud that my page has many new visitors and likes daily and nearly 300 likes and 300 followers for Sai's emporia and 250+ followers for smiles kids store and rated as 5 star by many of my customers.

Tell us about the difficult times you faced and how you recovered:

Making some one understand that I am too doing a job being a full time mom. Ha ha. Jokes apart!!

More than difficulty, I would call it as a a tension until the product reaches the customer safely..

Many a times there are issues of parcel missing or damage. But thank to God both my dealers and customers are co operative.

Top 5 lessons you have learned from this business which u want to share with everyone:

1) My first message is to my women friends out there. Never stop exploring opportunities. Find the right suitable path and excel in it.  Women empowerment is all I speak about and work towards..




5) NEVER LOSE HOPE. Keep trying u will win one day

6) Do a SMART BUSINESS. People should trust u and u should keep up that.

How are you balancing work and personal life?

It actually so tough with my 2 toddlers 5 and 3 year old boys who are just in preschool but the best part is they understand that I am on job when I sit with my mobile or speak to my customer. But it is not the same all the time 😊

Without an office setup its tough because there are many distractions but that is okay as a day has 24 hours😊

Share few of the testimonials you have received from your customer with us:

Vidhya sriram:

I happen to come across Sai Emporia by chance. My first purchase was a breeze. Usha had explained product description very clearly and was very courteous . This was followed by super fast delivery.

Once I received the saree I was surprised with the quality and value for money. I couldn't believe I have purchased 4 sarees in less than 2 months, two for myself and couple of them for gifting.

Great customer service, good quality products and value for money is what Sai emporia stands for. Collections are lovely! I have saved the sarees for upcoming family function, hence not posting wearing them.

Happy women's day Usha, wish you more success!

Kayalvizhi prakash:

Better than expected and fast shipping!

High Quality, Inexpensive, and Cute!!

"I've ordered several times from Sai’s Emporia and each time is very pleasant. The clothes are extremely cute and fashionable. The clothes are better made than you would expect for how inexpensive they are. I always get lots of compliments in my Sai’s Emporia clothes, and I can always afford to buy more because there's always something on sale! No other clothes website compares, I only buy clothes from Sai’s Emporia now!!"

Krithika alagappan on smiles the kids store:

I ordered return gift for my daughters birthday from usha.. She delivered me on right time Though it was a last minute order and very short time was left.. Unlike other sellers she kept tracking untill i got the goods.. Very genuine !! She was even ready to refund the money back if i dont get on time !! She has got very good collection at reasonable rates.. Looking forward to shop more from usha 😊

Future Plans:

My main aim is to give the best service and products and to create a good customer base as of now.

Let us see what future has for me😊

How to reach you?

Whats app 7708638288


Sai's Emporia
Smiles- the kids store

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