Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Entrepreneur Success Story - Veena from Kala Creations

Hi All,

Last time we met Saranya from Treasure Troves in our website. This time we are happy to feature a duo. We have seen friends come together and starting a venture - Chandhini Creations.We have also seen sisters coming together to make their business dream a success - ArtZone. This time we have a daugther-in-law and mother-in-law who have started Kala Creations together. It is glad to see how they work together and make their entrepreneurship journey a successful one. Read on to read their story.

Tell us about you:

Myself Veena Harishankar and my mother in law Kala Krishnamurthy started this venture together in 2015.

Myself, an ex software engineer at L&T infotech, quit my job after marriage because I was passionate about marketing and business clubbed along with my mother in law, a home maker, who is an awesome creativity master in many things like Tanjore paintings, coffee paintings, embroidery, rangoli works etc.

We both are together here in Bangalore. We are a huge family. Myself, mother in law, my husband Harishankar, father in law Krishna Murthy and brother in law Hariprasad.

I am an engineering graduate from chennai and my mother in law is a graduate too. Both of us hail from our native Tirunelveli. My parents are located at Chennai. And her parents are here in the same apartment as ours.

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Tell us about your business:

Kala creations was started in June 2015. This idea striked me when my mother in law was away for a week. I was exploring my new home and when I saw her work and creativity, I decided to start this. I wanted to bring her beautiful talent to the outside world and its going great now.

I started with a Facebook page called Kala creations. We don't have any websites etc. We market only through our page and only on Facebook.

We are celebrating 3 years of success now. We do floating lamps, tea holders, tea coasters, kundan rangolis, acrylic rangolis , marapaachi dolls and kasi yatra sets.

Please have a look at our page :

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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Scribie Review - Work from Home Audio Transcription Job

Scribie Review - Work from Home Audio Transcription Job - Earn upto $20 per audio hour:

Scribie Review - Scribie is one of the legitimate website which offers work from home opportunity for many people. Audio transcription is the process of converting audio files to text. All you have to do is just listen to audio and type it in a text file. The payment rate varies from each company to company. Companies who pay high obviously expects high quality from transcribers. We are going to review about the Scribie transcription opportunity here. We have started with the Scribie review first in the category of legitimate work from home options for everyone as we thought it is a good website to start with since it is not particular about medical transcriptions. Many websites provide mostly medical transcription files which are not very easy to work with. Read on for Scribie review.

Scribie Review - Scribie Transcription

Scribie - An intro:

Scribie provides you work from home option and pay you for transcription work. was founded by Rajiv Poddar, an Electronics and Telecommunication graduate from NIT Silchar, India. He has worked for few years in reputed IT companies. In 2008, he started his own venture Scribie.

If you have put an effort to search for good transcription jobs, then you might have across so many websites but most of them offer only medical transcription jobs. Medical transcription is not something easy for everyone at least in my perspective. Scribie provides general transcription options so any one of you can try your hands on.

The audio language is in English. So you do not need to worry about the language problems. But the accents will be any of the following or a mixed one - British, North American, European, African and Indian.

The length of the files are also not quite long to bore you. For transcription and review, it is less than or equal to 6 minutes. Yes, the length of the file will be longer for proofreading.

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Saturday, 28 July 2018

Entrepreneur Interviews - Meet Saranya from Treasure Troves

Hello peeps,

Here we have Saranya from Coimbatore with us to share about her journey as an entrepreneur. She is the owner of Treasure Troves Facebook page through which she runs her business. She is not only an engineer but also a MBA professional. While she is working in an IT firm, she is now a proud entrepreneur also who makes money from home as well. Read more to know about her and her business.

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Land Rent for Mobile Tower Installation

Land Rent for Mobile Tower Installation:

Land rent for mobile tower installation - Not many people in India are aware of the fact that they can rent out their land for mobile tower installation. Many people invest in land for construction of houses, commercial buildings either for current use or for future use. Some people buy it to sell it for a higher value in future believing that the land value will appreciate as time moves on. Some people will purely buy the lands for the use of their next generation. The cost of land varies based on many factors such as location, area, facilities and many more. Anyways, you must have worked hard to earn the money which you have invested in the purchase of land.

We have provided you the options for offering your land rent for mobile tower installation.

Land Rent for Mobile Tower Installation - Option 1 - Jio Towers:

Jio is not a new name for any Indian in this decade. We all know how fast the Reliance Jio network is growing day by day. Since the customer base is extending everyday to more than 2 million users, Jio is looking to install more JIO towers. Hence there is a need for land, rooftop, field and market places to install Jio towers.

Here is the list of rental packages Jio is offering. Please note that the offer amount might vary anytime. Hence we request you to check the latest details in Jio website we have given above.


Space Required : 500 sq. ft.
Rent per month : Rs. 15,000/-
Advance amount : Rs. 10,00,000/-
Agreement period : 15 years
Processing fee : Rs. 14,500/-
Agreement fee : Rs. 25,500/- + S.Tax


Space Required : 500 sq. ft.
Rent per month : Rs. 22,000/-
Advance amount : Rs. 18,00,000/-
Agreement period : 15 years
Processing fee : Rs. 14,500/-
Agreement fee : Rs. 40,500/- + S.Tax


Space Required : 500 sq. ft.
Rent per month : Rs. 35,000/-
Advance amount : Rs. 25,00,000/-
Agreement period : 15 years
Processing fee : Rs. 14,500/-
Agreement fee : Rs. 50,500/- + S.Tax

Steps to apply for Jio 4G mobile tower installation:

  1. Visit
  2. Scroll down to the place where you see the option saying 'Apply Form For Jio 4G Mobile Tower'.
  3. Fill the details like your name, contact number, email id, full address, plot number, district, pin code and state.
  4. Click on Send.
  5. You also need to submit the below documents at
    • Self attested xerox copy of Aadhaar Card
    • Self attested xerox copy of Pan card
    • Passport size recent photograph
    • Xerox copy of bank statement (last 6 months)

Land Rent for Mobile Tower Installation - Option 2 - Indus Towers:

Here is the second option for land rent for mobile tower installation.

Indus Towers -

Steps for land rent for mobile tower installation with Indus Towers:

  1. Visit the Indus towers website as given in the above section.
  2. Scroll down and enter the property details like name, property type(building rooftop or plot), type of ownership(Individual, joint, society, government owned), category of the property(residential or commercial) and the state/circle.
  3. Note that they have mentioned that their typical plot size requirement is from 2000 sq.ft and typical rooftop size is 500 sq.ft.

ATC India for land rent for mobile tower installation:

ATC India is another option when you want land rent for mobile tower installation. You can register your property details with ATC India. ATC India will have your property details stored with them in their database for any further requirement or consideration. ATC India will itself contact you directly if they are interested to use your property in using your land for mobile tower installation.

ATC India evaluate the sites based on their needs and their customer requirements. They evaluate all the site proposals they got. They research all of their property proposal details and contact the property owners if they find the land as a suitable land for their mobile tower installation requirements.

Land owners can submit their land details for ATC India's review. They will consider your site proposal also for their requirements. if they find your property suitable for any of their mobile tower installation requirement they will contact you directly to discuss further. They will also check with you first to ensure the availability of the property.

For densely populated areas they prefer rooftop stes and in-building Distributed Antenna system networks to increase wireless network coverage and capacity.

Once ATC India customers are on air on your property, you begin to generate income subject to requisite compliance and documentation.

For information on developing an ATC India rooftop or DAS site in your building, please contact us.

ATC India has mentioned in their website that it strongly discourages the leasing or buying of properties on its behalf through any third party. Also it does not charge any fee or deposit from interested property/building owners. If any third party, approaches with such demands misrepresenting as ATC India’s representatives, please contact them and report immediately to avoid getting de-frauded or cheated.

Note for Property owners/Land owners:

Cheating in the name of mobile tower installation has increased a lot these days. People call them as a representative of reputed brands and ask for a deposit/fees promising high rental incomes for their land rent for mobile tower installation.

Please note that most of the reputed brands who help you to let you land rent for mobile tower installation dont ask you for deposit or fees for the same. They only pay you compensation for you renting your land or rooftop for mobile tower installation. They dont ask you money for the same. So please beware of such fradulent approaches. Also do not sign any documents without validating.

There are so many guidelines prevailing to evaluate your land for mobile tower installation. They have to several compliance to follow. So, it will take time to evaluate your land or rooftop. Do not rush. Also please clarify if you have any queries to avoid conflict or disappointments later. Hence be careful when you give land rent for mobile tower installation.

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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Zaggle acquires Click&Pay

he acquisition will help Zaggle to build a World Class Expense Management Platform

Hyderabad, 17th July 2018: Zaggle a payments & group dining company today announced the acquisition of Hyderabad based Click&pay (a tech start up backed by Dubai based Investors) in a cash-and-stock deal. The acquisition will enable the Zaggleto build a World Class Expense Management Platform and create a unique value proposition for its customers.

Zagglebeing an award-winning Payments company with a focus on Groups, Employee Benefits, Corporate Expense Management has been continuously working towards strengthening its position in the space. The company connects Consumer and Corporate Spends to Merchants through Proprietary tech platforms like Employee Perk System, Reward and Recognition Program, Channel Incentive and Online Cashback.Zaggle’s huge customer base and Click& Pay unique payment proposition will enable customers to consolidate expense management and bring about an efficient mechanismwithin the organisations.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Raj N Phani, Founder & Chairman, Zaggle said, “The acquisition of Click & Pay will help Zaggle offer benefits by providing technological solutionsand introducing cost benefits across spectrum.The present system of corporate Expense Management drains out Hundreds of Millions of dollars per month in terms man hours spent, lost opportunity cost, logistic delays and inability to consider GST inputs. Zaggleunderstandsthe pain points and has according launched its Expense management solutions to help customers save cost.
A fully automated process would save corporates time, resources and money, especially on travel and entertainment spends, which is seen as among the top three controllable expenditures besides salaries and benefits for corporates.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. AvinashGodkhindi, Chief Executing Officer, Zagglesaid, This Strategic acquisition will help Zaggle to continue & execute the growth strategies and also extend our global leadership in expense management by mainly focusing on the basic local needs of each and every market we serve.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Hanif Shah, Chief Sales Officer, Zagglesaid, “Thisacquisitionreflectsour commitment to continue growing Zaggle’s investment and presence to serve the expense management market. The acquisition also expands and enhances Zaggle’s extended services offerings. We welcome the Click&Pay team to Zaggle and look forward to working together to deliver even more value to employees, clients and partners.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. KalyanKarteek Founder, Click&pay said, “This partnership, would help create a vibrant corporate ecosystem where millions of corporates get the opportunity of consolidating and centralising all travel, health and entertainment billings that help keep a tab on expenses”  

The deal is in part cash and part stock transfer. Post acquisition, the Click&pay team of 25 members would join the 150+ Zaggle team.

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Friday, 4 May 2018

Get Featured

Hello women entrepreneurs,

Warm wishes from Know The Star Team. We know how much effort you put to drive a business from your home. It might look easy to think about working from home. But it is in fact a difficult thing as it is tough to focus without any diversions. We know that you work day and night.

Some of you might have quit your job for several reasons starting from taking care of your newborn. We really love the fact that each one of you want to do something useful. We appreciate your thought of engaging yourself in a positive and useful way. 

When you do something with passion and hard work, you can never fail in your field and you are one such example.

We want to feature you in our website. Be it a big business or a startup which you have just started on your own, we would love to hear and share your story. Let the world read about you and your business. Let the world know what you have to offer.

If you would love to get features, just drop a mail to We will contact you. And it is absolutely FREE for you to get featured.

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Suya Tholil - Suya Thozhil in Tamil Nadu

Suya Tholil - Suya Thozhil in Tamil Nadu:

Suya tholil Ideas - Women are flying in colors in all the fields, but still, there are women who suffer losing their career after marriage or after their baby birth. They want to do something and achieve big in life, but the sad thing is they lose their career because of the gap in experience, they will be hired as a junior once they join after a gap. Women are also scared to take up business as it may need a huge investment. Actually, women are great entrepreneurs, they have excellent leadership qualities and grasping power so that they can learn anything easily and manage efficiently. Women can take up small scale business which incurs low investment to start doing it. This is called Siru thozil in Tamil or Suya thozil in Tamil. It is known as self-employment or small scale business in English. 

Advantages of Suya Tholil:

  1. You can choose your own business path
  2. You can decide how much you want to invest
  3. You can choose less risky business 
  4. You can control the labor cost
  5. You can put effort in the business which gives good income
  6. Choice to explore different opportunities
  7. Work life balance
  8. You are the queen of your business
  9. You can work on your own timings
  10. Option to quit if you do not like a particular business and switch to any business after gaining experience

The success of the business depends on the idea and innovations bought into the business and the marketing strategy and advertisement strategy that is followed. Bringing in new ideas and new products, understanding the market capacity and advertising the products in a right way will lead to greater profit. Before choosing a business, understand the requirement, get to know the advantages and disadvantages in the business, get information about the type of audience that the product should be reached. This analysis will help you to take the business in a right way. There are many small scale business carried over by women at their house itself, this gives them the freedom to work and you become the boss, everything comes under your control and you will know how your action will lead to a result, so that you will get to know a lot of learning. Let’s see about few small scale business ideas that are booming in the current years.

Suya Tholil Idea #1 - Silk thread jewellery or Quilled jewellery making:

Silk thread or quilled jewellery is the latest trend among youngsters. Silk thread jewellery is of light weight and you can customize the jewellery based on the color of the dress. The raw materials are available in the market easily and it cost very less investment and labor.

You can make silk thread jewelleries at home and there is no specific office setup required. This has been done as a hobby by many women. The cost of the silk thread jewellery depends on the design.

You should always pick the right silk thread jewellery kits for making the jewellery. The materials used should of high quality and long lasting. The color should not fade. It should have long lasting shine. Do not forget to choose bright colors in all your designs.

You can also do terracotta jewellery and crystal jewellery. The products ranges from earing, necklace, chain with pendant, bangles and anklet. You got to have a lot of creativity for this Siru Thozhil business.

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Sunday, 22 April 2018

Meet Srijothi Vijendran, owner of ViJosBooksBarn

We have Srijothi Vijendran with us sharing her interesting journey this time. She took a break from corporate job after which she got her hands into multiple things. She is a proud mom who works from home. Read on to know more about her journey.

Want to get featured in this website? It is free. Just send out an email to with a 2 line description about you and your business! No matter whether your business is small-scale or large-scale. We value it.

About You:

Hey all, I am Srijothi Vijendran from Chennai. I have done my Bachelor’s and Master’s in Computer Science and was working with a leading Software firm for 5 years. When my lil one was born I took a break from corporate work and gave him as much of my time as possible. My father and my husband are my greatest inspirations. To be more precise, they both never sit idle, neither their minds. They keep themselves occupied with one thing or the other and are super perfectionist in whatever they do. I am what I am, because of these great men in my life!

As I was at home full time, I started trying my hands on a variety of dishes, baking and photography. That is when my husband insisted me to start my own cookery blog and ViJosKitchenCorner (  took its initial shape and  was surprisely released on our anniversary.

Business over the past:

When Silk Thread Jewelleries were on its rise I learnt that from my sister-in-law and from YouTube. And I made sure I gave elegant designs. 

My friends and neighbours liked them and started encouraging me. That’s how ViJosDesignerBangles ( was born. 

I had a good amount of clients, few international clients too. When there were bulk orders I had to extend a lot and work late nights which became tough for me, as I had to focus on my little one’s studies as well.

About your current business:

I didn’t want to stay idle. My champ had a great interest on stories and reading books. We used to get him imported pre-loved books for two reasons. One being its pretty much cheaper, you can buy 3 pre-loved books in place of 1 new book; the other you can get a variety of fascinating and colourful books, which were rare at that time with the Indian publications. Along with him my passion towards kids stories also started growing and that’s how ViJosBooksBarn ( was born. 

We have an assortment of books; board books, flip-flap books, touch and feel books, sound books, picture books, 3D pop up books, chapter books and much more. Along with these I run a YouTube Channel, where in I narrate stories for kids - ( 

As I am not doing this for filling up my pocket, I mainly focus on giving quality content, which can benefit a wider audience.

I am also a digital designer. I design promotional posts for marketing products or events, Invitations for occasions, logos, business cards etc. I have this page which has the designs I have created so far.

About your turning points and milestones:

My important turning point was when few of my friends, when they saw my YouTube videos, started asking  for story sessions for their kids. I have plans of conducting regular story sessions from April.
Each and every review that I receive, may it be in a writing or by word on mouth is a milestone for me.

Difficulties you faced and how did you recover:

As I started this a passion, I did not find anything as a difficulty. The only challenge I face is when my son doesn’t want to give his favourite book (there are many such books), when a customer orders for it. Then I will compensate or bribe him with a new book 😊

Top 5 lessons you have learned from this business which you want to share with everyone:

1.       Be distinctive and be passionate on whatever you do
2.       Never compromise on quality, be it be the condition of the book, the packing or delivering it on time.
3.       Understand the expectation or need of the customers, give them suggestions and help with choosing the books.
4.       Listen to feedback, validate and rectify if needed.
5.       A business can have its own ups and downs, learn to master your emotions and believe in your efforts.
How are you balancing work and personal life
I never compromise on my personal life. Planning well ahead helps a lot. My husband is a great pillar of support, he guides with new ideas and also with the despatch. When I am held up with a client assisting them choose their books, my little one can very well understand and never disturbs me.

Can you share some of the reviews you received?

Future Plans:

I am looking forward to start with the story sessions. My primary goal is to inhibit the pleasure of reading in kids and I am working towards it.

How to contact u if anyone is interested in  working with you or buying from you?

I have shared all my facebook page links above. They can contact me over there or alternately can also email me at

Want to get featured in this website? It is free. Just send out an email to with a 2 line description about you and your business! No matter whether your business is small-scale or large-scale. We value it.

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Sunday, 1 April 2018


Customized unique gifts are something that all of us would love to gift our near and dear ones. Today, we have Mrs. Irin Edwin, the proud owner of Arty Textures, an online boutique that deals with intricately designed handmade gifts. She has been featured in a TV Channel to talk about the small scale business. Read further to know her journey to entrepreneurship and success.


Glory to God!

First of all, I would like to thank the Know The Star team for taking such an enormous effort in finding women talents and bringing them to the limelight your service to the society is one of a kind and very much appreciable. I am honored to be interviewed by the KTS team and for recognizing me as one among the various talents they have found so far.

I am Mrs. Irin Edwin B.C.A, M.B.A, born and brought up in Chennai. I did my schooling in Fatima Convent, UG in Stella Maris and PG in Ethiraj. I worked for a year as a Catalog Analyst at Amazon, later got married and now is a mother of a 2.3-year-old princess named Keziah Winslet. We are also awaiting another bundle of Joy in a couple of days. (Congrats for that :) - KTS Team).

My husband, Mr.Edwin Jaiprabhu is working at Groupon and he is undoubtedly my unabridged support system.

From my childhood, I was always engrossed on seeing people who are creative at hands and every time someone’s birthday/anniversary approaches I start planning, as to what kind of creative handmade gift I can bestow them. So, all my friends very well knew that I am a craft fanatic. I am fond of receiving compliments and that provoked me to be a staunch craft person and my love for handmade kept on mounting year after year!

Want to get featured in this website? It is free. Just send out an email to with a 2 line description about you and your business! No matter whether your business is small-scale or large-scale. We value it.


I run an online handmade boutique named ArtyTextures which is about a year old. I deliberately wanted my logo to be G2G (meaning Glory to God) as I completely believe anything and everything is through Him. Our motto “Do everything in Love” which definitely is a key factor for handmade, is a verse taken from the Bible.

I never had a plan of starting up a business until a friend of mine named Roscilin insisted me to make a creative gift for our common friend’s engagement. I made an infinite photo cubix which is like rubix cube with photos. Many of her friends started liking it and requested if I could make the same for them too. At that moment I asked myself - why not start a business with handmade on my own? And here it is - my very own boutique with customized handmade products.

My works include making personalized photo gifts, name embossed photo frames, personalized photo car hangings, photo calendars, mobile/pen holders, crochet products (baby items, dresses, mobile pouches, bags, accessories etc.,). People started approaching me as my products were unique and was made with utmost perfection. Within a year I had an incredible amount of comeback for my handmade. You know your successful when you get recurring orders from the same customers!

Kindly visit my page to have a sneak peek into the wide range of nifty handmade.

TELL us about the earning potential in your business;

Earning completely depends upon the number of hours devoted. I initially started my business with Rs.150. By spending at least 3 hrs a day you can approximately earn 5k to 10k per month. I am habitually flooded with orders during Valentines season and when the proper time is invested I can earn more than 20k during that season. Initially, I hardly earned much, but later when I got expertise, money per hour got multiplied. When more people are involved/employed the returns can be doubled.


One of the biggest turning point and the milestone in my career was getting the Guinness World Record for participating in making the Longest Crochet Scarf along with a team called MICQ which was 14.089kms on 21st May 2017.

Another significant milestone was when Cauvery News Channel approached to have an interview with me, as I was selected as one of the best 100 small-scale creative home-based business in Chennai. The show was telecasted on their TV channel with the program named “SiruThozhil 2.0”

 You can view the interview on YouTube by following this link:

 Both these incidents brought me unique recognition and fame among the many craft people in and around Chennai. It is an everlasting memorable moment in my life/career. I am truly indebted to God without whom this would have never happened.


For every budding entrepreneur, it is very natural to face difficulties during their initial stages of a business setup. Decision making on any ideas/suggestions, pricing, marketing doubts, prioritizing orders etc., would be really challenging. But I was lucky or rather say blessed to have my Dad, who was a hardcore businessman filled with enormous managerial skills. During crisis management, I immediately look up to him and he is always ready to help me out. Whenever I had problems I always think how he would have tackled it and would try to replicate the same to reap success.

I experienced grueling situations during the festival season where I would hardly sleep for 2-3 hours a day to meet the deadline. My husband and sister slowly started getting involved. And I cannot miss mentioning my mother as she completely takes care of my daughter which gives me peace. When you have a family to support definitely it is very easy to handle any such situation that comes your way.


1. Learn to do everything with a lot of love and passion, it is sure to bring out the best results.
2. Do a bit more than what the customers expect from you. It makes them faithful for a lifetime.
3. Always be patient. Be it with the customers or reaping the output for your efforts!
4. Handmade take a lot of time and need a lot of effort so never compromise on pricing.

Above all, keep God first, be loyal and truthful in all that you do. It will take you to greater heights.


Being a homemaker, it is indeed a challenging task to balance my household chores with my passion. Firstly, I make sure I give immeasurable time for my daughter. My husband supports me with household chores. He also involves himself in designing, printing and delivering products. And when I am overloaded with orders, my mom and sister jump into my rescue by taking care of my daughter and helping me with my passion. They are my biggest blessing and without them, ArtyTextures wouldn’t have survived so long.

Few Reviews from My Page:

Steffi Regin reviewed ArtyTextures – 5 star
27 February 2017 · Work of G2G really beautiful and fully creative. I loved it and l know my husband too. Guys appreciate !! The products they sell are gorgeous and reasonably priced. Thank You, G2G.
பாரதி அழகிரி reviewed ArtyTextures – 5 star
21 February 2017 · I got photo cubix, it was really nice. I really want to thank @irin for giving the product before the promised time. 
This personalized product is very new and nice with a very reasonable price.

Greeta Ajay reviewed ArtyTextures – 5 star
11 November 2017 · Beautiful work .. I just loved all your gifts to the core. Each gift is very different and unique. Loved your innovative idea.
Amudha Ashok reviewed ArtyTextures – 5 star
12 June 2017 · Awesome product with full of happiness and handcrafted work

Divya Kannan reviewed ArtyTextures – 5 star
6 February · Love her work! Very good quality products.


 My future plans are to empower underprivileged women, by giving them self-confidence and power to earn money through small level home based business. My vision is to conduct free workshops for women who are struggling in upbringing their family to a basic standard life by overturning their financial status. My main motive is to give them a self-sufficient life and make them shine.


You can contact me through Facebook, Instagram or drop a mail to my official ID.

Gmail ID:

Facebook Page:  (or just search for G2G ArtyTextures)

Instagram:  (or just search for G2G ArtyTextures)

Not just for placing orders, feel free to contact for giving me ideas/suggestions or for any kind of craft related queries/clarifications. I am happy to help!!  

All Glory and Honor to God..!!

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Monday, 19 March 2018

Success Story of Kinjal Shah, home based baker

Hello all,

Last week, we met Usha R. Poornima, who is a successful entrepreneur who is doing reselling business. We have Kinjal Shah this week who is a home based entrepreneur based in Chennai. She has shared her journey of her business. Read on to know more about her.

Tell us a little about you:

 I am Kinjal Shah, a home baker/ entrepreneur/ choreographer based in Chennai.  My passionate desire towards baking and dancing helped me pursue both.

My plans were never to get into the  business field. I somehow got hooked to baking , so in this process Cake a Lishious was formed.

Want to get featured in this website? It is free. Just send out an email to with a 2 line description about you and your business! No matter whether your business is small-scale or large-scale. We value it.

Tell a little about your business:

Because of my profound curiosity towards baking, I experimented with different recipes for which my lab rats (just joking) are friends and family. The positive feedback which I got moulded my pursuit into my profession.

Youtube became my go to guide for baking. After months of trial and error, my first batch of cupcakes went out to a corporate company , through a friend which inspired me to become an entrepreneur and establish my company Cake a Lishious. Its been two and a half years since then and its reaching new heights everyday.

Tell us about the earning potential in your baking business: 

Baking vegetarian desserts is always a challenging task which requires constant value added creativity and the amount of time and money involved in the process varies.

Simple rule to earn is better the quality and client servicing , the more money you earn irrespective the season.

Turning point in your business?

There hasn’t been one turning point, there have been many. But the one I would really like to mention is my first exhibition in 2016 which made me realize that make the customer the hero of your story. Apart from that, bulk orders and increasing regular customers have been my turning point.

Completing every year successfully is a milestone and also winning a second prize at a baking competition was definitely unexpected.

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Thursday, 15 March 2018

Meet Usha R. Poornima, the emerging reseller

Hello all, today we have Usha R. Poornima who is the owner of Sai's Emporia and Smiles - the kids store. She is basically a reseller. For those who are new to reselling business, here you go. Reselling is buying from one person and selling it to another person with the desired profit added. In reselling business, mostly the entreprenuer does not own any product in her hand. They will just try to sell products of others. They pay the money and arrange for sending it to customer only after she/he gets the order confirmed. Reselling is the best business when you do not want to do initial investment. Okay, now let us see what Usha has to tell about her business.

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Tell us a little about you:

Hi, I would first like to thank "Know the Star" for such a great initiative..kudos to ur team. I was a bit hesitant to give this interview but  I know I am no more a zero and have reached at least the next step. I am sure this can be an inspiration or motivation to few people at least.

To start with i am just a beginner and many women like me are doing this same business in a really great way.

So about me:

Name: Usha.R.Poornima
Education: BE Biomedical instrumentation Engineering
Past Work : Larsen & Toubro Medical Equipment division /ECC- Hospital projects


Dad : Babu R Ramakrishnan ,Lawyer.(blessing me from heaven nw)

Mom: Shanthi, Home maker  and the reason behind my positive attitude

Life partner and friend : Prasanth, a Businessman


My super smart boys AKSHIT AND DAKSHIV

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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Meet Sameera Banu, owner of Toppings and Cakes N Salad

Nowadays conventional birthday cakes are no more in demand. Customized cakes are trending now like anything. We have Sameera Banu who started her business by taking orders through her online facebook page and now is a proud owner of a popular outlet in Hyderabad. Read on to know her journey as an entreprenuer and her beautiful creations of customized cakes.


I am Sameera Banu, (Many people know me as “Banu Samee”) born and brought up in Chennai. Currently living in Hyderabad. Married to Prakash, Who is an IT professional. We have been gifted with Son and daughter. I Presently Own “Cakes N Salad” a small Cafe located in Hyderabad.

I am always reachable on my FB Page via Messenger. This would be my email address.

My Page:\toppingss\cakesnsalad

Want to get featured in this website? It is free. Just send out an email to with a 2 line description about you and your business! No matter whether your business is small-scale or large-scale. We value it.


Being a Self-Learner, I am passionate towards cooking and baking, I Started baking cakes and cupcakes for my Son, who is fond of Cakes.  He always pat me to try new recipes and encourage me well. Then I made my first birthday cake on his 7th birthday.

I started making cakes for friends and Neighbor’s which pushed me to take the first order on Jan 1st, 2016.

 We started taking orders for Customized cakes via our FB Page (\toppingss). Then In June 2017, we officially opened our first outlet of Cakes N Salad (\cakesnsalad) which our focus is to give healthy bakes to our customers.

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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Meet Vishaka Mittal, owner of The Art Bells India

Today we are having Vishaka Mittal to share her journey with us. We really want to start her story with a big apologies to her. She allowed us to take our own time as we were busy with something else. Now we are back with a bang. Hats off to you Vishaka!! Read on to know more about this awesome entrepreneur.

Tell us a little about you:

Namaste people! I am Vishakha Mittal. Though my birth place is Haryana, I was brought up in Chennai, I worked in Pune, married in Chandigarh and living with my husband in Noida, quite a long journey isn’t it! I am working with a Fortune 500 company as a DM and a full time Crafter!

Want to get featured in this website? It is free. Just send out an email to with a 2 line description about you and your business! No matter whether your business is small-scale or large-scale. We value it.

Tell us a little about your business:

I started when I was 14 by making envelopes and then realised that people are actually interested in out of the box stuff. From there I started exploring new Craft forms.

I traveled to various places and learned new crafts and there has been no looking back after that! Now I am proud owner of my brand “The art bells!” where I create artifacts, albums, cards, tags, name plates and I also conduct workshops on all international craft forms. You can reach me at +91869819880.


Fb page:

Please do leave some love ❤️.

How much one can earn in your business?

That’s a tricky question I must say! I only practice it as an extended hobby! Though If one is ready to give 30 hours a week then you can make up to 30,000 INR per month! That’s pretty handsome right?

Though During festivals, the earnings can be doubled! But the only catch is it should be out of the box!

Tell us about your turning points  and milestones in your business:

My hobby took a professional curve when I was asked to exhibit at my college and there was a tremendous response after which there has been no full stop!

Tell us the difficult times u faced and how did you recover?

Not really, though the most difficult time is a mind block, when I am not able to showcase my creativity and create something new!I think a break and some caffeine does the help (wink).

Top 5 lessons u have learned from this business which u want to share with everyone:

Looks tough!

1. Be passionate and dedicated and there there is no full stop!
2. Create from heart, things automatically fall out of the box
3. Be kind to your helpers and empathetic to your clients
4. Practice to excel and innovate to stay
5. Respect your competitors, they teach you a lot.

How are you balancing work and personal life?

I have created time slots, my job and passion don’t mix up together. I also make sure I take out some time for myself too!

Showcase some of your best work: 

You can include best 5 photos of ur work. u can mention about the maximum sold item. u can mention the most liked item by customers for which u get good feed backs. U can share some of the best feed backs u have received as well with customers name.

I have shared few of my best sells as all of these are high on customization!

Tell us about your future plans:

Okay! So more customisation, more innovation and creating new product lines!

List out 5 people who support you all the time:

Without any doubt, my mom and dad. I love you! I would never be what I am today if I hadn't had you!

Next is my hubby Jorawar Singh, my lifeline and pillar of support!

Want to get featured in this website? It is free. Just send out an email to with a 2 line description about you and your business! No matter whether your business is small-scale or large-scale. We value it.

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