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Meet Kiruthika Gnanasekaran from Vishru's Cute Cakes

Hello all, how are you doing? It has been a long time since I posted the last interview. Our last interview was with Nimita Rose Peter from Passion Hues. You can read her interview here. We have Kiruthika Gnanasekaran from Vishru's Cute Cakes with us this time. This time, I have a real treat for your eyes in addition to her inspiring journey. Read on!

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Tell us a little about you:

This is Kiruthika Gnanasekaran, I am married to Mr. Muthu Kumaran, our little cupcake Ms. Vishrudha(2years old). Currently, we are residing in Chennai (Alwarpet) I was born &brought up in Villupuram. And my husband is from Pondicherry.


Myself a graduate in Eng.Lit & he is Electronic media passed out from S.R.M University, Currently, my husband is working for a private concern(M.G.M-Marrybrown) as a Graphic Designer.

Tell us about your business:

During November 2014, I came up with a small idea about Customized Cupcakes and Cakes, immediately I conveyed this to my man he accepted it without any hesitation, an interesting thing which I have to mention here is, I come from a family whose main business is Peanut Barfi. So, I had a chance of growing with sweets. And now i have upgraded my family's business with Customized Cupcakes, Cakes, Dessert jars, Cake pops, Chocolates etc.


Initially, I was baking only for my near and dear ones, but our friends and family encouraged us to start this as a business, we started it with full of positive vibes hopefully we are doing a decent work now. And with all blessings we have kept a successful second step EVENTS and our first event was a huge success.

Here is the facebook link to our business page -

How much one can earn in your business? 

We initially started up only with Customized Cupcakes & chocolates if we work for 3 hours per day you can earn up to Rs.4000 per day.  Monthly we work for 10 days & you can make up to 40k and there is no way of lagging in business because every day is someone's special day to be celebrated with a cake so only chance is if your taste is lagging your business will lag.

Tell us about the turning points and milestones in your business:

The biggest turning point happened after 5 months from the date we started our business, Mrs. Manju Roa 's Daughter birthday was celeberated at GRT hotels, T.Nagar. She believed us blindly and we delivered 100 mason jars containing assorted chocolates and almond muffin. Hopefully we didn't disappoint her.

Our second grand event was at ITC Grand Chola for Mrs.Kaushika Arjun Son's and the grand dessert table which was arranged by me was a super hit. She was the one who said, "You baked our dreams dear" and still now it is our unforgettable review.

Top 5 lessons u have learned from this business which u want to share with everyone:

1. Whatever u do, be different - that was the advice my mother gave me & I cant think of better advice for an entrepreneur, if ur different, you will stand it out.

 2. Be brave enough was the best advice from my dad, as an entrepreneur, u have to face both positive and negative.

 3. The biggest boon for an entrepreneur is her family & friends and my backbone is my better- half.

 4. Be passionate about whatever u do.

5. Be peculiar, Be smart, Work hard.

How are you balancing work and personal life?

Happiness is being a home-baker, I can manage it easily, and my husband never lets me down he is always there to help me with all my chores, never ever he has said NO to me, even in his tough day in office, he happily helps me in baking being a creative person he is the one who handles my Facebook Page and he capture's all my works with his Camera and makes pretty posters for our Facebook Page. And on weekends we roam around the city and the best part is midnight Ice-creams. So with my hubby and lovely daughter, it is not a big issue to manage both the roles.

Showcase some of your best work:

Our signature is Choco-truffle Cakes&Cupcakes (Kid's Favorite).
Our maximum sold item is Red-velvet jars.
Below are the best-sold product pictures and reviews.

Few of the testimonials:

Tell us about your Future Plans:

We want to start a Creative Hub, that's in the sense where creativity & food meet, people can walk in the hub exhibit and discuss creative things and have some yummy food.

How to contact u if anyone is interested in working u or buying from you?

Please visit to place the orders ping us @9442383391,9600386483,044-43526608.

You can also get featured in Know the star. All you have to do is drop a mail to with 2 lines about your business.

Thank you Kiruthika for sharing your journey with us. And I am sure that the readers will be spending more time on your photos too:) Stay tuned for many such inspiring journies.

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