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Meet Grace Lavanya from Crafters Nest

A girl can reach greater heights by herself. What about when her husband joins in her effort? Here is the interview with Grace Lavanya who is successfully doing crafts, workshops and event management business along with her husband Mayudharan. It was very interesting and inspiring for me to read their story. I hope their journey will be an inspiration to you too for sure. Read on about this beautiful couple and their journey of success.

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Tell us about yourself:

I am Grace Lavanya and my husband is Mayudharan. We have our little hero Mitul Ryan(2 years old). We are currently residing at Chennai, India. My native is Villupuram and my husband's native is Hosur.  I got my Bachelor’s Degree in ECE from HINDUSTAN UNIVERSITY, CHENNAI.

My husband has graduated From NTTF (BANGALORE) as a tool & die maker followed by Bachelor’s degree in HINDUSTAN UNVIERSITY, CHENNAI as Mechanical Engineer. Our parents, my brother, friends and cousins are of great support to us .

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Tell us about your business:

We started this in the Year 2015 November Month Officially on Facebook on our son’s Birth Date (05/11/15). I make pretty handmade memories and gifts for my husband, and then I started to do it for friends and family. Everyone liked my works a lot. I did anything possible with the very few materials I had.

My husband, being a tool & die maker helped me to make things easier by creating die cuts for bulk orders like invitations, personalized  gifts and so on. I was inspired to do this after her classes at Happy Motherhood during my pregnancy time, the best transformation I had there. I realized my own talents hidden inside me.

We initially started it with handmade gifts, paper crafts,scrapbooks,explosion boxes, heart box etc., and later because of a friend’s request did the backdrop and decor works for their kids’s first birthday and people started to love our works and we are going on with almost 6-7 events per month.

An exploding surpriseπŸŽπŸ’ for a sweet mumma πŸ˜πŸ‘°� from her cutie daughter πŸ˜˜πŸŒˆπŸ’ŒπŸ’•πŸŽ€
Posted by Crafter's Nest on Friday, 23 September 2016

We have traveled to Bangkok recently in the month of September 2017 for my Calambour teacher certified course on Decoupage by Sifa Decoupage. We are planning to start workshops in decoupage in INDIA.

We have conducted lots of workshops exclusively for kids and pregnant ladies by making our own kit.

How much one can earn in your business?

We initially earned Rs.10,000 -15,000 in the beginning stage working for minimum 3 hours to maximum 5 hours per day.

Now from our experience and expansion of work, we are earning Rs.40,000 - Rs.50,000 (maximum working days of 15 in a month).

Gifts are always special and they go well during the festival periods and limited sale during normal days.

It is guaranteed to get a minimum of 3 birthday’s a month with proper marketing and neat work from us .

Each customer is our strength , their trust on us is the biggest strength. Our duty is to fulfill their dreams and turn into an ultimate reality, making their special a memorable one for lifetime.

Tell us about your turning points and milestones in your business:

Milestone in our business is the very first birthday party which we did for Sudhiksha Baby in Chengalpet which was a grand party and our first step towards success.

Turning points in our business is from being a personalized gift maker to a personalized event maker .

Tell us about the difficult times u faced and how did u recover:

Inititally when our little one was just a year old and we had to take him for all events and handle the decor works all by ourself and caring him at the same time..

We recovered from this stress by hiring people , training them to do the decors perfectly. We will be there guide them , take care of the baby and make the decor work perfect on time .

Top 5 lessons u have learned from this business which u want to share with everyone:

·     Doing things differently and creative are always appreciable

·     Making someone’s day a memorable one has always made us feel happy & blessed

·     Smart work is more important than hard work

·     A small hobby can turn into an lifetime business , if we concentrate and work on it in the right way.

·     Less investment and lot’s of creativity and mind into a work will create marvelous results

How are you balancing work and personal life?

My husband takes care of all the outsourcing and field works.

I communicate with the clients, markets about our work through social media’s like FB, Instagram & Whatsapp, I take up orders, get all details and plan it.

Working creatively almost gives us happiness each and every day. As a couple we sit, discuss, plan and make things happen for each and every party and gifts . We spend quality time together .

We take a week’s break every month to relax and spend time with our little one, completely out of work and just it will be my little one's time.

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Showcase some of your best work:

Some of the testimonials we received:

Vinodh Kumar reviewed Crafter's Nest — 5 star
September 9 at 8:41am ·
Grace, Mayudharan and team has done a fantastic job for my daughter's first birthday party. They did exactly what I was expecting. Decorations, arrangements and even goodie bags were so flawless and wonderful. The minute details in each one of the hand crafted items is brilliant and to be appreciated. the team did an amazing job and I would strongly recommend them, if you looking for an extraordinary work.
Wish you all the very best to the entire team.

Saranya Ramadoss reviewed Crafter's Nest — 5 star
June 27 ·
The moment I thought about decoration for my son's 1st birthday it was you who came into my mind and worthly decision� !!! It was awesome.... every 1 who came to the party talked abt it � within very short duration you made it so special......!! Only once I told u about that date to be mentioned in the return gift bag that too in middle of our discussion and I jus 4rgot it ,but was very happy to see it in those bags once I received it �� you and ur hubby doing great job with ur little 1 always around u ��really tough...every time when i expressed about my idea of doing something you added so much detailing to it and picturized wt i feel, liked that so much..Actually we thought to have a simple party but Thanks a ton to make his birthday more grand than what I expected �� a big thanks to happy motherhood to let me know you ���
Thanks a lot from me Hari and Krishva to Grace mayu and mithul !!! You guys rock and keep going... doing work with this much passion will take u guys great height �� all d best ��

Tell us about your Future Plans:

To start an Art School and Outlet for our craft works in Chennai.

How to contact u if anyone is interested in  working with u or buying from you?

They can inbox us in our Fb page -

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