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Meet Tasneem Ilyas and Haseena Ilyas from Art Zone

Hello friends, hope you remember our last interview with Shiny Anto, owner of Fascino Tutu who makes lovable dresses for kids and women. Today, we are going to meet two inspiring women who are the women behind the success of Art Zone. After trying trying their hands on various products like handmade jewellery, greeting cards and gift articles, they are now focusing on paper crafts. Their super-hit products are customized explosion boxes, birthday buntings and centerpieces. We feel really good to hear their story. Hope you will also enjoy and get to learn many things from them.

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Tell us a little about you :

Artzone is managed and run by the two of us sisters - Tasneem Ilyas & Haseena Ilyas.

Tasneem Ilyas:

I am a graduate in Nutrition & Dietetics, living in Adyar, Chennai. My native is Tirunelveli. Iam married to Mohammed Thanish who s a Software Engineer working with Cognizant. My Parents are Mohideen Ilyas & Fathima Ilyas.

Haseena Ilyas:

I am currently pursuing my Fashion Designing degree in Kilpauk Institute of Design., Living in Adyar. My native is Tirunelveli. My Parents are Mohideen Ilyas & Fathima Ilyas. I have a brother Sajid Omar.

Tell us about your business:

Artzone was started in the year 2010 during my second year of college where I started selling handmade jewelry, Greeting cards, gift articles etc at College cultural and events. Later on, as the demand increased we started our Facebook page under the name - Artzone.

We also conduct workshops and camps for school children and ladies during winter and summer camps. We have conducted over 150 workshops across Tamil Nadu under various topics such as Paintings, Origami, Candle Making, Glass painting and Home decor.

Later in 2013, We shifted our focus to only paper crafts where in we do customized party supplies, personalized gifts and Return gifts. We have over 100 products to chose from under various themes . Each of our product is exclusively handcrafted to suit the client needs.

This is our page link -

Why did you choose work from home career?

Work from home helps to manage family better and can work with ease and at convenient work hours.

How much one can earn in ur business?

We work 5- 6 hours a day based on the orders and can make around 10 - 15 k per month. Sometimes during Christmas, Marriage seasons , Festivals, the income is more and some days during vacations there is little or no orders too.

Handmade products are priced on a lot of factors like Creativity, Raw materials, Uniqueness, Customization and quality finish. Hence, the income and pricing also depends and varies each time.

Tell us about your turning points/milestones in your business:

The first milestone was an order of 25 Pram boxes made as return gifts for a shower. After which each order has been a different requirement from each client which motivated us to continuously develop and work on newer products.

Tell us about the difficult times u faced and how you recovered:

The most difficult phase was when I had to shift to Australia due to my husbands work and sister had to manage it all alone. Procuring materials,Marketing ,Answering queries and getting the job done all alone s quite an effort.

Staffing has been an issue as the products are handmade and are of particular finish, training and getting the same out of an employee has been difficult. But we have found some people who have a flair for the craft and who can work in flexible timings.

Any difficulties you face in working from home?

Working from home is convenient, though during functions and festivals you need to give time to both and it can take a toll on you. Prioritizing helps.

There are times when you have unexpected guests or emergency situations at peak times, which becomes a little difficult to manage.

How are you balancing work and personal life?

The support from family has been tremendous. There are times when the entire family has sat down to finish orders on time.

We make sure we take off on Sundays and spend time with family and friends. Following a fixed time schedule even while working from home helps to balance both work and personal life.

Showcase some of your best work:

Our explosion boxes has been a huge hit. They are customized in various colors and serve as a beautiful and trendy gift for all occasions - be it birthdays , Anniversary, Baby showers and more..

Our Birthday Buntings and centerpieces are also most liked among the masses as we can make them in various colors, themes and fonts.

Testimonials :

Ahalya Ramesh:

Thank you so much guys!! loved the way i decorated the house !! and yes, its you guys who are a backed up on all this :) you incorporated what i wanted so well :) wish you more orders!! thank you so much :)

Suresh Rajendran :

What a creativity... With a small size of box u have done so many things.. Am totally amazed... I really wanna appreciate ur responsibility towards ur passion...

Jusf a call... Without even knowing me u started to buy the materials to fulfill my requirements..! Also u said no to advance... :) Tat attitude really impressed me... Keep it up... Will definitely come back again if there is a need... :)

Krithika Tharakeshwar:

Looked in for handy , creative and personalised gift for wedding anniversary .
Wowwwww what a work....

You just perfectly created and gave life to my thoughts...
Just awesome !!
We love your work....
Kudos to your patience , timely delivery, risk taking during the peak rainy season , sharing ideas ..
Wowwwww !!

Prema GP :

Tons nd Tons of Thanks to Haseena :) Amazing and creative stuffs done at a very short time notice... Very neat and innovative work done... I love your professional way of handling customers...♥ Again thanks for finishing my requirement on time though you have some busy schedule... Thanks for hearing all my needs patiently and completed as such i have expected :) All the best for bright future... ★♥

Future plans:

We would want to open up a shop for the supplies and expand our work nationally.

Top 5 mantras you want to share with everyone:

  1. Work with passion. Money & Fame will follow.
  2. Give your clients what you promised.
  3. Never go down below your standards. Quality always wins.
  4. Keep yourself updated in the filed you are in. Knowledge is key.
  5. Manage your time and prioritize your goals.

How to contact you if anyone is interested in  working with u or buying from you(u can ask to inbox your Facebook page or business mail id etc?

1.  FB Page -
2.  Contact - 9940221647
3.  Email -

We are really inspired by both of you Tasneem Ilyas & Haseena Ilyas and your work. We wish you all the best and achieve many milestones in your business.

You can also get featured in Know the star. All you have to do is drop a mail to with 2 lines about your business.

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