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The story of Fascino Tutu and the journey of the owner Shiny Anto

Fascino Tutu for Princess - Not only her brand's name, even her customized dresses are really beautiful for all the princess out here. Once you visit her page, it is tough to choose one since all her dresses are quite amazing. More than her interview about her journey, we love the message she wanted to convey to all the women.

Here you go!

Dear Ladies,

YOU ARE BORN TO WIN. Come out of that inferiority complex in you. Don’t doubt yourself, you can do it! If you have a dream, make it come true. Run! It is now you can explore things. It is now you can work hard. It is now you can earn. Stay strong! Be bold! Never fear! WIN THE WORLD! Stay blessed.

- Shiny Anto, founder of Fascino Tutu

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Tell us a little about you:

I am Mrs. Shiny Anto settled in Coimbatore, basically from Ooty. I have done my Master
of Computed Applications. I have worked with, Chennai for 3.8 years as a
Subject Matter Expert in the QA team. Currently, working as a Corporate Training
Manager in Teknoturf, Coimbatore and a Proud Entrepreneur, a Fashion Designer – Kids
and Women apparels. I am married to a handsome and an awesome person, Mr. Anto
and we have one beautiful 3.5 years old Princess, Adriana Leanne who is in KG1.

Please tell us more about your business:

I am into Fashion Designing. I create beautiful designs for kids and Women, most of them are handmade dresses, Princess dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses, Flower Girls Dresses, Mother and Daughter Combo etc,.

I started my business in the years 2015, March. I actually purchased a dress for my kid from an online store, the design was quite interesting and I starting exploring about it a lot and learnt it myself and finally started my own. It has been 2.4 years now since I started.

Why did u choose work from home career?

I am still an IT professional working for a Corporate as well doing my business from home. I am serving my notice period, will be getting relieved by Aug end. A break from corporate career!!!!!! Getting fully into business.

How much one can earn in your business? 

I started this business with 0 investments. Seeing my work, people approached me. Almost for 1.5 years, I have been working all alone on orders. When I felt I am struggling to manage all orders, I employed 2 people. They are very good in tailoring, quickly grasp what I say, I pay them well around 10-15K per month each. They are very happy! They work full time from Mon-Sat.

Tell us about your turning points  and milestones in your business:

The business itself was a turning point in my life. I got to learn so much, so much!!
Another turning point was that my business made me take a break from my corporate career which I was so passionate about!

Milestones : 

1. I have gained a lot of clients who blindly trust Fascino 
2. I have around 1 Lakh followers for my FB page
3. I have my review rating 4.8 out of 5 – Total reviews 227 which is very important for any online store. Whenever people question how can I trust, I simple say – check my reviews and get back if interested and all of them had come back!
4. I have solely worked on all dresses for almost 1.5 years managing my business, home, office, my Baby, AND EVERYTHING HAD BEEN SUCCESSFUL.

What are the difficult times you have to face and how did u recover?

Difficult times were very less I would say. My husband is a great support to me. Until I employed 2 people, I had to compromise at times on house work/cooking when I had more orders. My husband always helps me with the work at home. He is my Pillar!

After employing them both, I was kind of relieved from stitching where I just give them the designs and they stitch. Any new pattern/design I still do it for the first time. 

I had never compromised on the time spending with my baby. Be it any work, I make sure I spend all the time with her till she is awake and I start my dress work after putting her to sleep. I had even slept for just 3-4 hrs a day!

Difficulties you face daily in working from home? 

Currently I don’t face this as I also work and had to go to office every day. But working from home will definitely not be difficult because you are at your own comfort! 

How r you balancing work and personal life?

Right now, balancing my business, office and personal life. The main reason behind this is my supporting and understanding husband and my baby. Firstly my husband, he is the main reason for me to reach heights. Not all husbands are happy with wife working. In my case he encourages me so much to make my dreams come true. When I tell him my new ideas, the very immediate answer he gives me is, Yes you can do! He also gives me many ideas to improve business. He helps me with all the work at home. I am proud to say that we share our work at home and that is the reason for my success.

Secondly my baby, she is just 3.5 years old and she knows that Mumma makes dresses and she is matured enough to understand me at busy times. I make her sit near me when I work giving her some task/games. Will make sure, our full attention is on her all the time. Never a time, had she given trouble to me while working. She is such a doll.   My mother in law is a big support to me. After us, she is the next person to look after her so well. 

Top 5 lessons u have learned from this business which u want to share with everyone:

1. Be patient with your clients, treat Customers as KINGS! We will have both calm and fussy clients. Be it what kind they are, treat them nicely.
2. Be bold enough to face any situation, never fear for anything.
3. Give your clients what you promised.
4. Maintain your dignity. Few clients may disrespect you when they are not happy with price you quote or anything, do not feel bad. I would say, just IGNORE such kind of people. Don’t fight back.
5. Do not cheat anyone.        

Few testimonial from clients : 

Sajan Allen Roy:

Best thing that happened on my daughter's first birthday. Took just three days to design this marvel and we got the package delivered exactly as specified. The Dress was comfortable for my kid and she really looked like a princess as the name suggests. So glad I chose Fascino for my daughter. For every loving parent who wants to do the best for his/her princess, Fascino is what I suggest...

Mahalaxmi Pillai:

Thank you Fascino for this beautiful Mom and Daughter Combo. Fascino has One of the excellent quality. My 2years Angel was really looking like a Royal Princess in dat awsome attire..... Especially everyone loved my Lovley Gown. 
And we both got lots and lots of Compliments.......However I strongly recommend this to people who wants to dress up their baby girls & themselves#Gorgeously.. very customer friendly persons... On time delivery...she give what she promised... I loved to purchase more from Fascino# 
Once Again thanks Shiny

Heartina Charles:
Thank u so so much shiny #Fascino #HappyFascino #happyClients tutu frocks.. the dress was really awesome..
Hi frnds, I would highly recommend Shiny and Fascino tutu frocks for any of ur kids occasion.. she was very patient in listening to my request and very quick in amending the changes.. Its worth the cost and time..
Thank u Shiny..

Awesome.Thanks to fascino.....u had done a great job.....I felt so happy and the quality of the material is really gud. ...enjoyed a lot. .....I would recommend to all of my friends....Thank u shiny mam.....keep rocking

Sarasmeena Subramanian:
I sought shiny's help to match with my daughters outfit for her first bday. Finally my dress got more compliments. thank you for the lovely dress.i felt like a princess too

Joanna Onesimus:
Randomly came across the page n started loving them since i was even expecting a baby ..
Which means i wanted to go with Fascino ,much before the event .. 
Having said that .. she gave us a wonderful outfit for the event and made it memorable forever ... 
Love u shiny,  Thanks once again,  Hope to work with you soon again

[Testimonials are not edited, just copied from my page without editing!]

Tell us about your future plans:

To set up my dream physical boutique.

How to contact u if anyone is interested in  working with u or buying from you?

Contact : +91 9840874121
Email : 

Showcase some of your best work:

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