Monday, 24 April 2017

Top 10 Investment Tips from Cartoons

The smallest of things can have the biggest influence on us. The weirdest of places can teach us the most profound of lessons. Learnings and teachings can be found in strangest places, even when it comes to financial information. Yes, the book 9 Steps to Financial Freedom by Suze Orman is definitely useful and great place to start. But, if you look for them you will find advice on investment even in cartoons. The twist is to learn to apply them.

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Monday, 17 April 2017

Business Ideas for Women - How to choose the right home based business?

Business Ideas for Women - How to choose the right home based business?

Recent days, shopping, social Medias and fashion have a lot to do in common. An actress sports a big jhumka or a new style of dress, every lady secretly wishes that she gets her hands on that or something similar. That becomes the trend. Practically, it is not possible to find all of that in a virtual store for so many reasons. So fashion freaks resort to online shopping. Now, this is where social media comes of help.

I am writing here to share my journey of running home based online jobs with you all. I am from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I ran an online jewel business on Facebook for few months. Due to personal constraints, I am not doing it anymore. But still, I feel that I have a lot of experience to share some helpful information with the women who have some business ideas in their mind and got stuck in taking it forward.

I had crossed paths with a lot of people who were into the same business as me or others. Well, like any coin that has two sides to it, this sort of business has its own set of pros and cons. I thought I’ll share my views on it and tell you folks a little in detail about this. Been thinking of starting a business soon? Cheers! You are on the right page.

Let me tell you about the whole journey of my business ideas for women with little breaks. This is basically as series on 'Business Ideas for Women' where we share all such helpful articles to you. And this is one such article especially for you. So, here we go!

Business Ideas for Women - Commencement of Business:

Ok, so now you know you want to start your business.

Firstly, be clear of what you want to sell.

Think if you personally have an interest in them or you want to sell them because you think that’s what is doing well at resent. For example, I opted for jewel because I love trying different pieces of jewels and collecting them. Not just that, my family is into gold jewellery business already.

The trend might change, but the need for jewels would stay. Summing up all, I zeroed in at jewels.

Rake your brains hard and think from different angles before you land on something concrete.

Secondly, you ought to understand that running a business online cannot happen if money is your only criteria. There could be days when you have sold even 20 pieces and there could also be those days, where you haven’t even had an enquiry. In short, you need to be passionate about it to not lose hope.

Thirdly, please accept the fact that everything won’t fall in place in a jiffy; it takes time and is definitely not a quick fix.

Fourth, be ready to spare all your free time only for this.  Yes, it takes more time than what you are actually imagining. The more time you spend, that faster your page develops and that much money you make.

It is also important that you don’t over think. Now that, you have finalised on what you want to sell and why you want to sell, next comes execution.

In my case, there was a friend of mine who was into clothing already, I took her help to understand the process in whole and help me find dealers.

Use the power of Facebook and WhatsApp to reach dealers:

Relax; you won’t need that because that’s what this article is going to do for you. What you need to do is surfing Facebook/Google, and get to know few dealers whose collections look unique and sellable.

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