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Mushroom Cultivation | Farming In India | Kalan Valarpu

Know about Mushroom Cultivation | Farming In India | Kalan Valarpu:

Mushroom cultivation has become one of the popular farming business in India. Mushroom farming is called Kalan Valarpu in Tamil Nadu. The mushroom cultivation has boomed in recent period where in they cultivate the mushroom with certain conditions in a small area. The mushroom cultivation was started again due to the high demand of the mushroom in the market. Out of which button mushrooms had the highest demand as they are edible and used in various dishes. White button mushroom is the most preferred mushroom cultivation business in India.

Mushroom farming India

Mushrooms are one of the tastiest food and favorite food loved by many. They can be used in many dishes like salad, soups, curries, and rice. Mushrooms have become a most wanted food by the kids as it has a unique taste when added to the dishes and served as snacks. There are many mushrooms available in the market but only few are edible. Mushroom cultivation has been vague in India because it requires a lot of constraints to be really careful with. The climatic condition and the soil plays a vital role in mushroom cultivation.

You can find white button mushrooms being sold as fresh in super markets and vegetable shops. They are also used in other food products.

What is Mushroom?

Mushroom is the fleshy part of a fungus. It is the spore-bearing fruiting body of the fungus. It is generally produced above ground on soil. It can be produced on a food source too.

The button mushroom, Oyster mushroom and the paddy mushroom are the most popular mushroom types. 

Mushrooms are a rich source of selenium,amino acids and anti- oxidants which helps in boosting the immunity. They are rich in fiber which promotes health, there are many essential vitamins and nutrients available in the mushroom. It has a rich source of vitamin C that fights against cancer. Proteins in mushrooms have high digestibility(around 60-70%). These benefits has created awareness and thus started a demand for mushroom. 

Mushroom Cultivation Overview:

Mushroom are cultivated two types, one is buy seasonal grower and the other is round the year growers. Mushroom cultivation is really good in the places where the climate is cool and there is lot of moisture content. 

Before starting the mushroom cultivation it is very important to know about the process involved in it. You should have a detailed study on how to cultivate, how to harvest, the maintenance methods, exporting methods and so on. Now let us have a look at the key points that has to be remembered in mushroom cultivation.


Mushrooms generally require a moist climate. They do not grow in hot areas as the moisture content is very low. Choose a cold region with a good moisture content.

Cultivation process: 

Have a detailed knowledge about the seeds that are used for cultivation, they are generally referred as spawns. These spawns are readily available in the market. It can also be produced by the grower. These spawns are combined with various mixtures in order to give fertility to the soil. This makes the mushrooms rich in nutrients. Many organic substance are added in traditional way to make the soil live long. The mixture can be done with a ratio of equal half, or they can also follow other methods. With proper climate, proper cultivation and proper maintenance the mushroom will grow well. It usually takes 30 – 40 days for the mushroom to grow. 


Mushrooms can be easily marketed as the demand is high. They can also be exported to other places. Mostly they are demanded by the chines restaurant who use mushrooms in their dishes. They can also be sold in super market by packing them properly. The packet should have moisture in it and there should be an expiry date mentioned in the package. There are many governmental organizations providing loans in order to start a business on mushroom cultivation. This business has boomed up in recent days and has created a high demand. It is better to start the business in a small level keeping in mind the above discussed criteria. Once the business has set its stand we can move to a larger scale business and take part in the export of mushrooms to various other places.

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