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From a teacher to work from home entrepreneur - Story of Neelima Badola

Tell us a little about you:

My name is Neelima Badola. I have done my Masters in English literature. After completing my degree of Bachelor in Education, I took up teaching as my profession. I taught all age groups, starting from K.G to M.B.A students. I’m blessed with 2 sons and had chosen teaching as my profession to be available for them afternoon. But I guess that was not my destiny. After 10 years of being a successful teacher, I decided to do something different. But it came into action only when my husband seriously suggested me to go for my passion of crafting.

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 But I have been very passionate about creating new things. I love crafting. Seeing my passion, my husband wanted me to do something of my own and at my convenience to work. He always encouraged and supported me. He always motivated me by saying I should concentrate on creating and establishing first and not earning.


Tell us a little about ur part time career:

I started with my creations of craft work. I was also learning new things side by side by attending various workshops.

I created a facebook page of mine and started posting of whatever I made

I kept on learning and gifting to my near ones from handmade items like home decor items, jewelry etc, I finally started with Natural Soapmaking. When I started getting orders for soaps  I thought of learning and selling homemade organic products which gave me immense pleasure and satisfaction.

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handmade gifts

handmade paintings

I started thinking seriously about starting my hobby as a business after learning soap making professionally in 2015.

I still remember the peak summer days when I was bored sitting idle at home doing nothing except for watching the T.V.

I saw the details on FB group of a lady who teaches how to make soaps. I was curious so contacted her and was really enthusiastic to know that it was at walking distance from my house. After learning the basics I started gifting my friends initially and slowly learned marketing my soaps.

I would proudly like to add that I only learned basics but started designing my soaps all by myself. I learned how to make creams and many other products as per skin treatments.

It is not so easy to establish yourself independently in India’s huge market. I personally feel if you aim only for being happy with your work without any expectation to earn billions, you will be successful.

Main punch line should be honesty and flexibility. I am a crazy crafter since my childhood, but I love innovative creations, in the sense something new to learn and create. My husband being in defense services I had to think of selling only online and no other way. So I bought a website from the reliable seller like But actually, FB did the best for me.

Why did u choose work from home career?

I chose work from home career because I wanted to work in flexible hours. I just didn’t want to restrict myself to domestic work and wasting my talent. Now I m happy more than I was while working as an employee.

How much one can earn from ur business? 

More you work, More you gain. The income figure is as simple as that. There is no fixed income in this crafting business, it varies. It all depends on your hard work of marketing. It’s true that you enjoy being the boss, but you can’t lay away the fact that you are an employee too. So more you are focussed and targeted, more is your earning, starting from Rs.5000 to 25,000 a month.

About the turning points and milestones in ur business:

It took almost 2 to 3 years before I could really think of having my own business. My actual first turning point was when I learned soap making professionally and started selling online. Then the turning points were unlimited. I still get new opportunities.

Tell about the difficult times u have faced and how did u recover?

The most difficult time was when I was transitioning from a working woman to a self-employed one. It was my husband who kept on motivating me to keep working and hoping for the best. He offered me a set up to run a business. But as I always wanted to stay with him and my kids while working, so I refused. It is the most important time for you to get a family support which I feel blessed to have one.

Initially when I started I was just naive to the huge market of business. I had to really work for more working hours. But my husband supported me. Sometimes I felt dejected when I did not get any response for a very long time.

Difficulties u face daily in working from home career:

There were not many difficulties in working from home career except that you have to be available full time for any queries initially. At times it’s difficult to work when you some guests drop in without prior intimation or when you are at peak working schedule.

How are you balancing work and personal life?

To maintain balance with my work and family, I have jotted down my routine time table. It sounds funny, but believe me, it works fabulously.

Nobody asked me to stay at home and work. Then why should others suffer because of my work? Don’t forget to take breaks, go out for vacations with you family. Don’t answer any queries at that time.

Tell us about your future plans:

As I love to explore new things, I’m planning to write a biography on myself to guide and motivate upcoming entrepreneurs. In future, I shall be starting workshops on teaching my skills online. Recently I was offered editorial ship by nationalized book for writing an article on regular basis. I m proud to add this.

Showcase some of your best creations:

I would like to share my family picture and some of my creations.

Top 5 lessons u have learned from this business which u want to share with everyone:

1. Discuss your plans and ideas with your family first before finalizing your goal. That’s very important.

2. Aim for creating or working first. If you feel you need to learn special skills, go ahead and learn. It does not matter to spend few more days and money to reach perfection.

3. Read books to keep updating yourself. Check out all the marketplaces and the innovative ideas people are coming up with. Just focus.

4. Invest only little in the beginning. Check the demand in the market. Don’t get demotivated if you don’t get a good sales response. Remember that you are a newcomer and customers trust their older sellers who are well established. Don’t feel low, just have patience and keep trying and trying till you hit the right aim. Remember the fact that hard work always pays off.

5. Always be polite to all the enquiries and tell the details of your creations. Open a facebook page to save and display your creations.

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  1. Wonderful...your message to upcoming entrepreneur shall certainly help them. May you keep growing!😊👍

  2. Wish you all the best Neelima for your future endeavours. Creativity has no limits and you are extremely talented. I'm glad to know an entrepreneur like you.


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