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Meet Neha Khan, owner of Little Angels playshcool in Thane, Mumbai

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We had an amazing response to our last interview with Priya Kumar, who has chosen Digital Scrapbooking as her work-from-home career. Check out her interview here - We have Mrs. Neha Khan this time who is a running a playschool successfully in Thane. She shares her journey with us. Running a playschool has always been considered as a very good option for women who want to have their own career while taking enough care of their families. She started with just two students in her first year and she has more than 40 students right now. It really feels very good to know that she is giving importance to practical learning instead of loading the preschool kids with a lot of subjects. We feel really proud to feature her and her playschool. Read her story to get inspired!

Tell us a little about you:

I am Mrs.Neha Khan from Thane (Mumbai). I have done my Bachelors in Pharmacy and Post graduation in Clinical Research. I have worked with a Clinical Research Organisation for 4 years. I have also worked as a lecturer for various clinical research institutes.

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I lost my father when I was just 12 years old. My mother and my sister took all the necessary efforts so that I could complete my education. They have always been my inspiration and motivation.

My husband Mr. Kashif Khan is the founder of First Cred Advisory Solutions. He has helped me and supported me tremendously to fulfill my dreams and aspirations. I have a 3.5-year-old daughter Humaira Khan. My family is my support system.

Tell us a little about ur part time career:

I run a playschool called 'Little Angels'. I started it 2 years ago (precisely almost 9 months after my daughter was born). I was a stay at home mom and was looking for a reliable playgroup for my daughter and most of the preschools I visited had more students, were high priced and had a set syllabus. I wanted my daughter to think out of the box. It was then I thought of starting my own playschool so that children can be children. I shared this idea with my family and they motivated me. This is how "Little Angels" came into existence.

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Basically, our preschool is Montessori based. We emphasize on practical learning. We make the children do day-to-day real life activities like watering the plants, planting seeds and making them do activities where they can help their mom like folding clothes, putting clothes in the machine etc. We believe that practical ways of life help engage, nourish and encourage these young minds.

Little Angels Montessori Playschool Thane Mumbai

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We have also been featured in Thane Vaibhav newspaper amongst the top ten playschools in Thane.

Our facebook link is

Why did u choose a part-time career?

I had always been a career-oriented person but when my daughter was born I felt I have to give her as much time as possible. This was the reason why I preferred a career that took only a part of my time.

How much one can earn in ur business? 

Since there are a lot of preschools around you need to stand out from the rest. It is extremely important to stress on the quality of education.

Playschools everywhere charge anywhere between 1000-2500 per month, so depending on the batch size and your other expenses, you can calculate your earning.

When I envisaged the idea of starting ‘Little Angels’, it was about making quality education affordable to everyone.

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Tell us the difficult times u faced and how did u recover (if any):

When I began my playschool initially it took a lot of time to get my first admission since there was a lot of competition. In my first year, I started with just two students but by the grace of Almighty, after two years we are a total of 40 students and still growing. Never lose sight of your goal!

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Every business requires a lot of hard work and efforts. There is so much competition in the market that you ought to be an edge above the rest.I believe everything that we do from heart and soul gives us success.

How do you maintain the work-life balance? 

I have a lot of support from my family. My school starts from 9:30 am till 2 pm and a few hours of the remaining day is spent in planning for the next day with my teachers. So I span out my day such that I am able to meet the demands of both professional and personal life.

My daughter is my strength since the time she has been born I have never looked back. When I am in school my complete concentration is on my work but once I am home it is just my family.

Top 5 lessons u have learned from this business which u want to share with everyone:

  1. Don't give up till you succeed.
  2. Always work with your full heart your efforts will surely pay off one day.
  3. Never ever forget your roots.
  4. Think positive no one else can motivate you more than yourself.
  5. Last but not the least we all have difficulties in life so instead of crying over it, learn to overcome them.

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Tell us about your future plans:

I believe in taking one step at a time. My immediate goal is to further improvise on the quality of education. I aim to expand my school further so that we can spread quality and affordable education everywhere.

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