Sunday, 8 January 2017

How to sell as an individual in Amazon - A big Opportunity for small sellers

Are you a small seller who sells small scale products like crochet item, fashion jewellery item, saree, salwar or quilling item? Is your product doing good among your friends, relatives, and existing customers? Are you able to reach hundreds of customers by your impressive products? This is the time to reach lakhs of customers. Wondering how? now provides an opportunity for small sellers like you to sell your products in

Currently, this opportunity is available only in Bangalore. With Amazon, you can see this opportunity gets expanded soon to other cities too in a very short time. So, sellers from other cities do not lose your heart. Just wait for the game to begin.

Features of selling as an individual in Amazon:

  • You can get started in 2 minutes. Isn't it very fast to get started?
  • Amazon small sellers - sell as an individual
  • You can sell locally in your city. You can easily reach the people within your city and you can set a brand name among the fellow people easily.
  • Doorstep pickup and packing are available. What more a seller can ask for? You do not need to run to a courier shop to send your products to the customers. As you are a seller, you know the headache of sending the product by visiting the courier shop.
  • Doorstep delivery. You never need to worry about the on-time delivery to the customer. You never get a complaint call from your customer that the courier has not yet reached them which you usually get when you usually send a product on your own through a courier.

Things you must know about the process of selling as an individual in Amazon:

  • List your products in Be it a crochet item, fashion jewellery item, saree, salwar or quilling item, just take a picture of the product. Upload it and add the details of your product to get started. Remember that a good quality picture speaks more than 1000 words about your product. Invest in a good camera or a smartphone with a good quality camera to capture your product. Write a very detailed product description so that you can avoid losing customers due to ambiguous descriptions.
  • As soon as you list the product in, your products will be available for sale at It will be visible for the buyers in Amazon. The buyers who will be interested din your products will order through Amazon. No one can contact you and give troubles by sending sms, calls or direct visits.
  • Schedule a pickup - The products will be picked up from your doorstep without any hassle. You will get an email from Amazon when a customer places an order for your product in which you will be asked to schedule the pickup.
  • Amazon associates take the pain of packing the product and delivering it to the customers. You can sit back and relax as soon as you hand over the product to the Amazon associate who comes to pick the product from your doorstep.
  • If any of the product gets returned by the customer for a reason, the product will be returned back to you in 2-4 days without any extra fee. Is it not a good thing to appreciate?
  • You will receive the money in 3-5 days which will be notified to you by Amazon as soon as the money is transferred to your bank account.

What about the Fees and Charges for this service?

The fees is very less than you can imagine. It is just Rs.10 per item sold for the products worth Rs.1000 and below.

It is just Rs.50 per item sold for the products worth anywhere between Rs.1000 and Rs.5000.

It is just Rs.100 per item sold for the products worth above Rs.5000.

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