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Digital scrapbooking turned Priya Kumar as an work from home entrepenuer

We had an amazing response to our last interview with Leela Gomathi from Booktoonz, an online book shop owner. If you have not read it, it is time to read her interview now. Now, we have another interesting mom entrepreneur with us who works from home. She took her creativity to the next level and made her as her career. When she tells that she can make 8000 INR per month from home itself, it shows her love and dedication to her work. Read on to know more about her career.

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Tell us something about you:

I am Priya Kumar, an MBA graduate. I am from Salem, Tamil Nadu. I am happily married and having a cute daughter, living in Namakkal, at the moment. Right from childhood, I have received great encouragement from my mom, for each little achievement. I am what I am because of her!

Tell us something about your business:

What I do is Digital Scrapbooking. It's an art of creating memories from photos, using purchased illustrations. I lived in London from 2002-2011 and it is very prevalent hobby there. 

When my daughter was born, I got a keen interest in this, as obviously as a parent, you do the best for the child. I wanted to create a memorable book for her. It was almost a longing! 

At first, I did not even have a vague idea on how to go about it. But when there is a will, there is a way. Google came in handy and found a scrapbooking haven. Most members there were senior citizens, who were creating memories for their grandchildren. The forums there provided me a platform to get the know-how. I raised questions and the kind souls there helped me with techniques and I practiced them every day. It took me almost 2 years to learn the basics. I got into creative teams of scrapbooking kit designers (A scrapbooking kit is a collection of backgrounds and elements like flowers, stars etc)  I created so many beautiful books for my girl.

It became my passion, so perfection was the key. Even minute flaws in design bothered me too much. Then, we relocated. My daughter by then has crossed the stage of posing for photos and so slowly, I started designing for others in 2014. 

"Any creative designer cannot work under pressure".

I was very clear not to take up too many orders at one time, as any creative designer cannot work under pressure. I do each work passionately and with no compromise on the quality of work.

I do Memory books, Personalized ABC band Rhymes books, Fantasy stories, Fantasy Calendars, Birthday invites, boards and banners, Fantasy posters and such things.

I relied on word of mouth. It's only recently, I created a business page in FB.

Share some of your best creations:

The best thing about my work, is I love all the pages I work on. Here are few of my favorites.

Rini (1) withh) (1) Lily_dreamgarden_paper (8) banana lokeswari

Why did u choose work from home career?

I was never interested in getting into a career! Let's just say, I was not ambitious. This hobby of mine changed into a business only recently. I have done so many pages free for people, just to bring them happiness. Then, started charging just to reduce the requests, and it has grown overnight!

How much one can earn from such a business?

"I do what studios do, at 1/3rd of the rates."

I do what studios do, at 1/3rd of the rates, and multifold creativity and passion. My aim is to make magical and fantasy pages affordable to everyone. I perfectly understand how much happiness my creations bring to parents. So, my charges are very less for the time and effort I put in! I can roughly say, around 8000 INR per month

About ur turning points and milestones in ur business:

I started doing pages in a women's group in FB and was still relying on word of mouth. Due to the encouragement and love from my well-wishers, I started my FB page. That is a turning point for me, as it is proof that I have a full fledged business now!

I came up with a vague idea for a personalized ABC book and one person trusted me to turn it into a reality. That trust helped me to bring out the best. And, it turned out perfect. These are my best selling designs now, along with personalized rhymes books.

Milestones: It is just 3 months since I started my page and doing this full-fledged and I have worked on designs for about 100 people. Most are posters and Birthday invites! That is a milestone for me!

Difficult times u faced and how did u recover:

As this business was started for passion and love, the only difficulty I face is when people bargain. When you sell a commodity, you have an idea of the final selling price as you just need to add your margin to the cost price. But, when it comes to art, it is so hard to fix a rate, as time and effort do not have a money value in a real sense. 

I have to spend to get the illustrations. In spite of me charging a reduced rate, there have been few requests for a rate reduction. That used to make me feel a bit bad earlier. But, I decided to stick to my price. 

I do love encouraging start-ups by women, and offer business related work for a lesser rate from time to time, at my discretion. On a positive note, It takes every kind to make this world. 

Most of my clients appreciate the hard work I put in ( Some have turned into loving friends too) and I also get people who pay me more than what I charge, to show their appreciation. That is a silver streak.

Difficulties u face daily in working from home:

My daughter is grown up to be independent and I live in a nuclear setup, so I don't find much difficulty. I am also very clear about not accepting too many projects at one time. I work on 1-2 pages a day and 2 books a month. That way there is not much stress and I can dedicate my time and effort without compromise. I do this passionately and it shows. Time management is something I have to work on in coming months.

What is the best compliment you have received so far?

Someone has once told me that my pages have a life. That is the best compliment till date! 

Top 5 lessons u have learned from this business which u want to share with everyone:

1. If you learn a skill, please do it for yourself or kith and kin, for at least a year. That way, you get more practice. As it is personal, you do it with more love and passion. So, when you convert it into a profession, the passion remains. I started this as a business, only after about 8 years of doing it for myself. This will make your work more professional.

2. Be clear on the pricing.

3. Do things with passion.

4. Never accept too many projects at one time. You lose the enjoyment.

5. Spread happiness

How are you balancing work and personal life?

There is no compromise on both sides, as I never accept too many orders at one time.

Future Plans:

Just to keep creating memories and spreading happiness!

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