Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Siru Thozhil Ideas in Tamil Nadu

Siru Thozhil Ideas in Tamil Nadu:

Siru thozhil Ideas - Women are flying in colors in all the fields, but still, there are women who suffer losing their career after marriage or after their baby birth. They want to do something and achieve big in life, but the sad thing is they lose their career because of the gap in experience, they will be hired as a junior once they join after a gap. Women are also scared to take up business as it may need a huge investment. Actually, women are great entrepreneurs, they have excellent leadership qualities and grasping power so that they can learn anything easily and manage efficiently. Women can take up small scale business which incurs low investment to start doing it. This is called Siru thozil in Tamil or Suya thozil in Tamil. It is known as self-employment or small scale business in English. 

Siru Thozhil requires low investment, less risk, less labor cost, and also give good income. The success of the business depends on the idea and innovations bought into the business and the marketing strategy and advertisement strategy that is followed. Bringing in new ideas and new products, understanding the market capacity and advertising the products in a right way will lead to greater profit. Before choosing a business, understand the requirement, get to know the advantages and disadvantages in the business, get information about the type of audience that the product should be reached. This analysis will help you to take the business in a right way. There are many small scale business carried over by women at their house itself, this gives them the freedom to work and you become the boss, everything comes under your control and you will know how your action will lead to a result, so that you will get to know a lot of learning. Let’s see about few small scale business ideas that are booming in the current years.

Siru Thozhil Ideas #1 - Silk thread jewellery or Quilled jewellery making:

Silk thread or quilled jewellery is the latest trend among youngsters. Silk thread jewellery is of light weight and you can customize the jewellery based on the color of the dress. The raw materials are available in the market easily and it cost very less investment and labor.

You can make silk thread jewelleries at home and there is no specific office setup required. This has been done as a hobby by many women. The cost of the silk thread jewellery depends on the design.

You should always pick the right silk thread jewellery kits for making the jewellery. The materials used should of high quality and long lasting. The color should not fade. It should have long lasting shine. Do not forget to choose bright colors in all your designs.

You can also do terracotta jewellery and crystal jewellery. The products ranges from earing, necklace, chain with pendant, bangles and anklet. You got to have a lot of creativity for this Siru Thozhil business.

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Monday, 23 January 2017

Meet Neha Khan, owner of Little Angels playshcool in Thane, Mumbai

Hello all,

We had an amazing response to our last interview with Priya Kumar, who has chosen Digital Scrapbooking as her work-from-home career. Check out her interview here - http://www.knowthestar.com/2017/01/digital-scrapbooking-career-priya-kumar-work-from-home-business-idea.html. We have Mrs. Neha Khan this time who is a running a playschool successfully in Thane. She shares her journey with us. Running a playschool has always been considered as a very good option for women who want to have their own career while taking enough care of their families. She started with just two students in her first year and she has more than 40 students right now. It really feels very good to know that she is giving importance to practical learning instead of loading the preschool kids with a lot of subjects. We feel really proud to feature her and her playschool. Read her story to get inspired!

Tell us a little about you:

I am Mrs.Neha Khan from Thane (Mumbai). I have done my Bachelors in Pharmacy and Post graduation in Clinical Research. I have worked with a Clinical Research Organisation for 4 years. I have also worked as a lecturer for various clinical research institutes.

Little Angels Montessori Playschool Thane Mumbai 1

I lost my father when I was just 12 years old. My mother and my sister took all the necessary efforts so that I could complete my education. They have always been my inspiration and motivation.

My husband Mr. Kashif Khan is the founder of First Cred Advisory Solutions. He has helped me and supported me tremendously to fulfill my dreams and aspirations. I have a 3.5-year-old daughter Humaira Khan. My family is my support system.

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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Digital scrapbooking turned Priya Kumar as an work from home entrepenuer

We had an amazing response to our last interview with Leela Gomathi from Booktoonz, an online book shop owner. If you have not read it, it is time to read her interview now. Now, we have another interesting mom entrepreneur with us who works from home. She took her creativity to the next level and made her as her career. When she tells that she can make 8000 INR per month from home itself, it shows her love and dedication to her work. Read on to know more about her career.

If you are such an inspiring person who wish to featured in this website, please send a mail to contactknowthestar@gmail.com.

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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

From a Power Plant engineer to an online book shop owner - Meet Leela Gomathi of Booktoonz

Hello peeps, how are you all? Our last interview was with Abida Sultana who is the owner of Uusinool and successfully doing an online crocheting business. This week, I have an another inspiring woman with me. Leela Gomathi is a stay-at-home mompreneur who is successfully doing online business. Her online bookshop 'Booktoonz' is very popular among young moms. I find her interview very interesting and inspiring. I hope you will also feel the same. Here you go! 

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Sunday, 8 January 2017

How to sell as an individual in Amazon - A big Opportunity for small sellers

Are you a small seller who sells small scale products like crochet item, fashion jewellery item, saree, salwar or quilling item? Is your product doing good among your friends, relatives, and existing customers? Are you able to reach hundreds of customers by your impressive products? This is the time to reach lakhs of customers. Wondering how? Amazon.in now provides an opportunity for small sellers like you to sell your products in Amazon.in.

Currently, this opportunity is available only in Bangalore. With Amazon, you can see this opportunity gets expanded soon to other cities too in a very short time. So, sellers from other cities do not lose your heart. Just wait for the game to begin.

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