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Deepa Prasad, Work from Home Woman Entrepreneur and owner of KAIVANNAM

Do you have a quench of working from home but not sure how to start? This is a website just for you. Working from home and making money might look a tough task for you. Even some people think that it is not at all possible to make a good amount of money from home. But there are some achievers who earn money from home while taking care of their family. There are lot of stories and interviews coming up in this website which all will surely inspire you and motivate you to achieve something big.

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I would like to introduce Deepa Prasad from KAIVANNAM to all of you. She is a growing entrepreneur who is expanding her business internationally. She is working from home and having a successful career from home itself. She is mesmerizing her customers by making beautiful silk thread jewelleries and earning from home itself. We had a quick interview with her and let us move onto that now. She is now getting orders from worldwide. She has customers from several countries like Malaysia, USA, German etc.

Tell us a little about you : 

I am Deepa Prasad from Chennai. I am an MSC IT graduate. My native is Batlagundu, Dindigul. My father is a Sales Tax Consultant and my mom is a Rtd. Supervisor, ICDS. My hubby is G. K Prasad,  working in TCS. I have one kid, Adhvik, who is going to playschool in Chennai. I had w
orked as a Senior Quality Controller in RR DONNELLY before I chose to work from home. 

About your Work From Home Job:

I would say it as an "Art" rather than calling it as a business. It is purely based on my interest and creativity. Quilling Silk thread are the most trending jewelleries at present. Apart from basics, I also include my own creations which add more value to the buyer. 

My Facebook page Link : KaivannamI named as "KAIVANNAM" which is selected by my Hubby 

Showcase some of your best creations:

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Few more from her beautiful collection:

Work from home silk threading 

Work from home silk threading ideas

Work from home business ideas silk threading

Work from home business ideas silk threading

Work from home business ideas silk threading

Work from home business ideas silk threading  

Work from home business ideas silk threading

Why did u choose work from home career?

I have to take care of my kid Adhvik and I realized that this is my correct path where I can show my creativity. I am proud to say I have chosen the right path and I am very much satisfied with it. Moreover, hard work & dedication are always appreciated by customers without any second thought. These are all the things which make me continue working from home.

How much one can earn in your business?

Earning depends upon the market, season and customers. Though I cannot mention a specific amount, I can surely tell that it is a very profitable business. However, one can earn a minimum of 500 per day once you get a hold on this business and do it with passion.

Tell us about your important turning point in your business:

My important turning point was when customers & stall vendors started saying that they are eagerly waiting to see my next creation. They are now my well-wishers and they are encouraging me continuously. 

Tell us about the difficult times you have faced and how did u manage to recover:

Many orders started to pile up during festival seasons where I feel the pressure of completing all the orders on time. Sometimes I faced health issues too. Consistent support from my family members helped me to recover from all the troubles and confusions. 

What are the difficulties you face in working from home career? 

Managing family and this profession has been always a quite challenging task. 

How are u balancing work and personal life?

It is just because of the support from my family members.

Top 5 lessons u have learned from this business:

Hard work, Patience, Perfection, Learning from mistakes and Time management are the key to becoming successful in this business.

How to contact u if anyone is interested in working with u or buying from you? 

They can contact me through my Facebook page here. WhatsApp number for orders - 919865426157.

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