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Sujani Nagarajah, owner of online cake shop 'The Sweet Art'

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It's been a while since I had posted about women who have successful work-from-home career. Now I am pretty sure that you will be awed by the beautiful person who is getting featured this week.

Its my pleasure to introduce Sujani Nagarajah, owner of the famous online cake shop - The Sweet Art. To know how beautiful her cakes are, you have to visit her facebook page here. In spite of her busy schedules, she could find sometime for us to inspire.

Customized cakes

Tell us a little about you :

I am Sujani Nagarajah (aka Suzie Naga). In fact, many people know me as Suzie rather than my original name :) I am a Bsc.Food Science and Management graduate. I am originally from Sri Lanka but have lived in Bangladesh and Chennai since I was a kid. I did my higher studies in Chennai. While studying, I started my Baking venture along with my sister who is married and settled here.

About your Work From Home Job:

The Sweet Art is my brand name. Baking was always a regular practice at home. But when I was in my 2nd year of UG, I decided to give it a try as a business, from then on there is no looking back. We began with getting cupcakes orders, then slowly onto cakes and now I do various types of Customised Theme Cakes.

Showcase some of your best creations:

I really cannot judge my own work, but there are some creations that are close to my heart. Below are a few of them:

Customized wedding cake

Minion Cake

Why did u choose work from home career?

To be honest, it was not on purpose. It was a passion that just grew. With customers coming back to back, working from home sounded feasible. I live on a very busy street and have easy access to clients to pick the baked goodies from my residence. Of course, I have a lot of flexibility. I usually work past night as I also work in a Culinary School as a Baker and a Baking Instructor, having several baking workshops every month. So it is at night when am free and enjoy working at my own ease.

How much one can earn in your business?

It totally depends on the number of orders and the quantum of each order. I would get above Rs.20000/- per month.

Tell us about the difficult times you have faced and how did u manage to

Well, there was no particular time. But there are several times when I am totally held up with commitments and I had to miss some important functions. I used to be a movie maniac at one time when I would hardly miss out watching movies. But now I am missing my favourite hero’s movies too. But all these feeling vanish at the moment when the client gets back with a loving feedback, and when they say I make their Day. I just thank Lord for giving me this talent to please others with my creations.

What are the difficulties you face in working from home career?

Not any big problems so far. Lack of space and man power are some of the difficulties I face during extra work loads.

How are u balancing work and personal life?

Since I am unmarried it’s a little easy now. As I live with my parents now I don’t worry on the house hold works, food and any any home related commitments. I am free to work at my own space.

Top 5 lessons u have learned from this business:

1. Work smart.
2. Do not under value your works for the amount of time you spend on creating art in an edible form.
3. Keep Learning.
4. Take breaks when you know you need to rejuvenate. Do not over stress by taking up orders beyond your limits.

5.Time Management.

How to contact u if anyone is interested to work with u or buy from you?

They can drop in a message to my facebook page 

They can mail me at 

Or they can also reach me at my work number 9677282600.

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