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Geetha Renganayagam, an amazing crafter from Geethu's Crafts

It is my pleasure to feature Geetha Renganayagam here who is a teacher, quiller and crocheter. She is from a small town called Aruppukottai from the southern part of Tamil Nadu. She is working from home and good in teaching, quilling and crochet making. 

Many women are able to take full-time career due to different reasons. Don't worry and there are people like Geetha who are successfully working from home and making money from home itself. Here is a small interview with her. I feel it to be very inspiring. Hope you will also feel the same.

1)   Tell us a little About yourself:

I am Geetha Renganayagam from Aruppukottai, a small town located in Virudhunagar District of Tamilnadu, India. My parents are Mr. Renganayagam and Mrs. Sakunthala Renganayagam. I am basically a SSLC passed out. I take tuition for primary and secondary school children in our area at lower fee. I do quilling and crochets too.

2)  Tell us about your career:

I started my career in 2004 as a teacher in my tuition center. I learned crochet when I was in 6th std. I am making crochets and doing quilling works for the past few years.

3) Showcase some of your best work for us:

If you are doing something unique like Geetha, you can also get featured in this website. Just drop a mail to

silk threading bangle

crochet sweater


crochet sample

crochet pillaiyar

crochet cap

crochet band1

crochet band

4)  Why did u choose work from home career?

I am a differently abled person and I could not continue my education after SSLC. I had to spend my time at home after school education. Hence I started taking tuition classes for school children without fee for few years which helped poor children in my area to some extent. Later the strength of students got increased and my neighbors insisted me to collect Tuition fee. After that, I have started charging a very low fee for my tuition students and it has become my career now.

5) Are you able to make money from working from home?

I am charging a low fee for my tuition students as helping poor children is my main motive. I am getting crochet and quilling orders from my students and neighbors. I am trying to reach online customers too through my facebook page which I started a few months before. 

My facebook page is Geethu's Crafts. 

6)  Tell about the difficult times u have faced and how did u recover?

I felt lonely a lot to stay at home. My brother got me a net connection at home through which I learned a lot about crochet and quilling and other crafts works.

7) What are the difficulties you face daily in working from home? 

Since I am Single, I have lot of free time in my home and I don’t feel major difficulties in executing my tasks. Sometimes my health issues trouble me in performing the tasks.

8) How are you balancing work and personal life?

I take tuition for school children in the evening time. Rest of the day I involve in Crochet and quilling works. Also, I help my mom in house hold works daily.

9) What next? 

Last year, I took part of the Team Mother India's crochet Queens which worked for Guinness world record in making the largest crochet blanket from India. I am planning to learn tailoring also.

10) How to contact u if anyone is interested in connecting, working or buying from you?

People can contact me through my FB page “Geethu Crafts”

If you like her work and want to encourage her by buying from her, you can contact her through her facebook page.

Do you have any such success story behind you which you want to share with us?
If you are doing something unique like Geetha, you can also get featured in this website. Just drop a mail to

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