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Meet Simran, the founder and Chief Baker of Ovenderful

Tell us a little about you :

I am the Founder and Chief Baker of Ovenderful, a self-taught home baker who completes 2 years in November of turning my passion for baking into a niche signature e-bakery, which specializes in healthy , wholesome and inclusive baking (with a range of vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, lactation-friendly, diabetic-friendly, nut-free, eggless, butterless bakes).

I have also been selected as a Mentee of The Cherie Blair Foundation's Women in Business program for 1 year, for the period of May 2014-2015 and am one of the Founding Chefs for an innovative and interactive recipe sharing platform BetterButter, and part of the team of The Bake Collective, which is an initiative that plans and organizes bake sales to raise funds for social causes and has done so for Milaap, Goonj, The Voice of Stray Dogs and so on in the past.

To be able to ensure that knowledge on healthy baking can be shared regularly, I run a closed Facebook group called Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community, to exchange ideas on bakes that are fun as well as healthy for children and to encourage people to start exploring healthier aspects of baking.

Prior to turning Ovenderful into a commercial venture ( in November 2013) , I have worked for over 11 years with large global organizations in Human Resources Advisory services in Asia Pacific roles as well as in Research & Knowledge Development such as Hewitt Associates, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Hay Group.

About your Work from Home Job:

I run my home-bakery which specializes in healthy , wholesome and inclusive baking as shared above (with a range of vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, lactation-friendly, diabetic-friendly, nut-free, eggless, butterless bakes). All products are free of preservatives and artificial food colours. The bakes are freshly made by hand, and almost all bakes use alternative flours which are healthier such as wholewheat, ragi/ millet, semolina, almond flour, amaranth, rice flour and so on, along with chemical free sugar or natural sweeteners such as figs, dates, jaggery, fruit purees. This work lets me be at home with my toddler and also focus on converting a passion into a venture. 

Showcase some of your best creations:

Its difficult to choose a single or a few creations that I love - each is a special bake because of the story behind it, the work and feelings. However, I am attaching some pictures of what are some things that most clients enjoy. 


IMG_3992 (1)

Vegan WW-Almond Flour cake with jaggery and date syrup

WW Date and Walnut

Why did u choose work from home career?

One of the reasons I left my full-time role was due to the fact that work - life balance was a challenge given a small baby. While organizations pay lip service to workplace flexibility and how it is important for employees to have a wholesome life, few actually create cultures that help employees particularly new mothers, to manage this balance effectively. To be able to maintain that balance, I chose to work from home. While even as an entrepreneur, it is certainly not easy to manage this balance, given that you need to do each and everything single-handedly. But by dividing your priorities into the essentials and non-essentials and trying to create small windows of time for different aspects of life, I think this balance can be managed. 

How much one can earn in your business?

Home baking ventures rely largely on the time and skill of the baker, as well as the quality of the ingredients. That is what differentiates them from large commercial bakeries. It is more time as well as quality intensive than equipment-intensive. 

Revenues and margins will therefore depend on the time as well as the quality of ingredients used and both of these are on the higher end. Therefore margins can be narrow and revenues take time to come and are not usually a fixed amount each month. This will differ from one venture to the other since some bakers might invest in expensive equipment which can be time saving and so they can take more orders, whereas some might not make large investments and focus on fewer orders at a time. 

Tell us about the difficult times you have faced and how did u manage to recover:

Currently its just me – and that leads to challenges. So at the moment, I bake, package, deliver, market! But there is certainly the requirement to get a team in place, especially with the level of work that I anticipate in the year to come. So I will be working on the details of the same. Once that is in place, these challenges and difficulty in managing orders, should be more streamlined.The issue of pumping in the investment, is also a challenge, since the venture does not generate a regular stream and hence financial planning for the future becomes difficult. But this is an important exercise and I am focusing on that aspect as well. Also, on the business front, the initial challenges of managing the pricing, understanding the various target markets, working to ensure that Ovenderful receives a certain level of momentum with respect to its growth and ensuring a disciplined approach towards it were critical. 

What are the difficulties you face in working from home career?

The difficulties are mainly related to how to manage the right work-life balance and coping strategies,particularly when one has a small baby or toddler and is working from home. So time management is always a challenge. So my day is only as structured as I am able to make it as of now with a toddler at homeJ I do ensure that I have lists related to home and business separated out, and I try to bake early mornings when my toddler is at playschool or asleep. An additional hour or two are spent in the night in activities such as researching, packing, planning and preparing for the coming days.  I also try to space out my baking orders in a way that no day is pressurized. 

How are u balancing work and personal life?

The key for me is to separate the essentials from the non-essentials and make space for both in my life. Structuring the day and following that routine stringently, defining some activities for weekly updates like tracking the financials/client update mails and so on. 

Top 5 lessons u have learned from this business:

1. There is nothing you cannot self-learn if you put your mind and heart to it. 
2. A business should have a soul - so give it a larger community purpose/a social connect which aligns with your values. 
3. Two things are non-negotiable- Clients and Product quality and uniqueness. 
4. When you share, you grow more.
5. Take it seriously -- once you turn your passion into your business, keep at it. Retain that passion, but don't treat your business as a hobby. 

How to contact you if anyone is interested in working with u or buying from you?

My contact details and social media platforms are all shared below - I can be reached via any of these to work with me or buy from me. 

Simran Oberoi Multani

Founder & Chief Baker - Ovenderful ( 9740255588)

Twitter: Ovenderful

Instagram: @sim_ovenderful

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Sujani Nagarajah, owner of online cake shop 'The Sweet Art'

Hello friends,

It's been a while since I had posted about women who have successful work-from-home career. Now I am pretty sure that you will be awed by the beautiful person who is getting featured this week.

Its my pleasure to introduce Sujani Nagarajah, owner of the famous online cake shop - The Sweet Art. To know how beautiful her cakes are, you have to visit her facebook page here. In spite of her busy schedules, she could find sometime for us to inspire.

Customized cakes

Tell us a little about you :

I am Sujani Nagarajah (aka Suzie Naga). In fact, many people know me as Suzie rather than my original name :) I am a Bsc.Food Science and Management graduate. I am originally from Sri Lanka but have lived in Bangladesh and Chennai since I was a kid. I did my higher studies in Chennai. While studying, I started my Baking venture along with my sister who is married and settled here.

About your Work From Home Job:

The Sweet Art is my brand name. Baking was always a regular practice at home. But when I was in my 2nd year of UG, I decided to give it a try as a business, from then on there is no looking back. We began with getting cupcakes orders, then slowly onto cakes and now I do various types of Customised Theme Cakes.

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Abida sultana, the popular crafter and owner of the brand Uusinool

Last week, we had an inspiring interview with Deepa Prasad from Geethu's crafts who is earning money from doing crafts at home. The response received for her interview was quite good. This week, I feel proud to introduce Abida Sultana from UUSINOOL to all of you. She has received Guinness Certificate for participating in making of the largest blanket from India.  She is working from home and having a successful career from home itself. We had a quick interview with her and let us move onto that.

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Geetha Renganayagam, an amazing crafter from Geethu's Crafts

It is my pleasure to feature Geetha Renganayagam here who is a teacher, quiller and crocheter. She is from a small town called Aruppukottai from the southern part of Tamil Nadu. She is working from home and good in teaching, quilling and crochet making. 

Many women are able to take full-time career due to different reasons. Don't worry and there are people like Geetha who are successfully working from home and making money from home itself. Here is a small interview with her. I feel it to be very inspiring. Hope you will also feel the same.

1)   Tell us a little About yourself:

I am Geetha Renganayagam from Aruppukottai, a small town located in Virudhunagar District of Tamilnadu, India. My parents are Mr. Renganayagam and Mrs. Sakunthala Renganayagam. I am basically a SSLC passed out. I take tuition for primary and secondary school children in our area at lower fee. I do quilling and crochets too.

2)  Tell us about your career:

I started my career in 2004 as a teacher in my tuition center. I learned crochet when I was in 6th std. I am making crochets and doing quilling works for the past few years.

3) Showcase some of your best work for us:

If you are doing something unique like Geetha, you can also get featured in this website. Just drop a mail to

silk threading bangle

crochet sweater


crochet sample

crochet pillaiyar

crochet cap

crochet band1

crochet band

4)  Why did u choose work from home career?

I am a differently abled person and I could not continue my education after SSLC. I had to spend my time at home after school education. Hence I started taking tuition classes for school children without fee for few years which helped poor children in my area to some extent. Later the strength of students got increased and my neighbors insisted me to collect Tuition fee. After that, I have started charging a very low fee for my tuition students and it has become my career now.

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Deepa Prasad, Work from Home Woman Entrepreneur and owner of KAIVANNAM

Do you have a quench of working from home but not sure how to start? This is a website just for you. Working from home and making money might look a tough task for you. Even some people think that it is not at all possible to make a good amount of money from home. But there are some achievers who earn money from home while taking care of their family. There are lot of stories and interviews coming up in this website which all will surely inspire you and motivate you to achieve something big.

If you are such an inspiring person who wish to featured in this website, please send a mail to

I would like to introduce Deepa Prasad from KAIVANNAM to all of you. She is a growing entrepreneur who is expanding her business internationally. She is working from home and having a successful career from home itself. She is mesmerizing her customers by making beautiful silk thread jewelleries and earning from home itself. We had a quick interview with her and let us move onto that now. She is now getting orders from worldwide. She has customers from several countries like Malaysia, USA, German etc.

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